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Badab-e Surt: UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME with the Blockchain (and for health care) and Bitcoin, Stanford Iranian Studies - "A Man of Integrity" w/Director Mohammad Rasoulof, Soaking scenes in film parallel soaking in the Harbin warm pool, Enjoyed good "Man of Integrity" film at Stanford in Persian w/st, Hero goes to hot springs (Harbin?) for meditation amid modernity's stresses, Iran World University and School with CC MIT OCW in Persian, Persian language wiki school at WUaS, MIT OCW clarifying licensing language, Add "A Man of Integrity" film to realistic virtual earth conversion App & Iranians too in Persian could visit bath tub warm pools, Man of Integrity film > Digital Mask & for merchandising film in Langs

UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME with the Blockchain (and for health care) and Bitcoin, ... emerging from people's tax IDs or social security number equivalents in each of all ~200-250 nation states, and possibly from people's drivers' licenses, and also connected with their smart phones ... and, conceivably, eventually even as part of their bodyminds with a chip or similar ... ).


Dear Abbas Milani, Mohammad, Shahrzad and Shima,

Very nice to meet and talk with you at the film yesterday evening. Having just written a large actual/virtual ethnographic book about Harbin Hot Springs in northern California, I saw a few parallels in this film with Harbin in the hero's soaking, and the benefits of meditation in warm water - and tweeted on a number of my Twitter profiles about this - and (and others). Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the discussion afterward. Did the film maker mention his inspirations for the soaking scenes, Milani, by any chance?

Here's CC MIT OCW in Persian - - and here are the beginnings of Iran World University and School - - planned also in the Persian language as wiki - WUaS plans to offer online free-to-students Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. high school degrees in Persian with time. (The "A Man of Integrity" film highlighted the potential for an online Iran WUaS law school in Persian in my thinking).

Re Mohammad Rasoulof "A Man of Integrity" at Stanford yesterday evening -

Mohamwad, World University and School is also seeking in each Nation State (here - - where each will also become a major university - the Harvard / Stanford / MIT of the web in countries' official languages ) to code for the blockchain ledger (for health care data plus much more) with bitcoin/a digital currency, and potentially a Universal Basic Income for all 7.5 billion people as well - - and if possible emerging out of Stanford and also re Medicine OpenCourseWare and Law OCW in each countries' official languages (and Stanford Medicine and Stanford Law). Have you examined questions of the blockchain ledger and bit coin very much - and also with regard to Iran?

(WUaS is also seeking to create a realistic virtual earth - and in all languages: think Google Streetview/Maps/Earth with TIME SLIDER with OpenSimulator/Second Life, in all 7,099 living languages, as I mentioned to you, Shima. This would be for STEM research and as classrooms and potentially for creating a realistic virtual Harbin hot springs as field site. Perhaps we will be able to convert "A Man of Integrity" as film into a 3D interactive virtual world format too - and for learning/meditating as the hero did).

(I'd also like to introduce you here to a friend of mine, Shahrzad Shirvani from Tehran, who is a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley; Shima is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford, and Milani and Mohamwad are both faculty at Stanford).

Looking forward to further communication about all of this and what you're working on and teaching.

With very best wishes,


Greetings, and thanks. Presently all of this is in idea-form re last night's film. CC World University and School seeks to build on Creative Commons' licensing in multiple ways (growing out of CC MIT OCW in its 7 languages, CC Yale OYC and CC Wikipedia in its 295 languages), and further define the CC / Copyright law relationship (and with respect to Stanford especially) online even in all nation states - and via WUaS's planned law school faculty in all ~200 countries' WUAS law schools too, teaching about intellectual property plus.

The App to convert film into an interactive 3D realistic virtual earth (just to the OpenSim/SL stage) also doesn't exist yet, and Google navigates such law questions adroitly too (and WUaS is in Google Education) ... if WUaS is able to build out of Google Streetview/Maps/Earth with Time Slider.

Great to be in communication. Thank you.

With very best wishes,


Hi Roma,

Thanks for your email, and your question. My emails before are simply idea-sharing and for connecting - after an interesting film last evening.

But your email question leads me to ask: In what ways could we (Stanford Iranian Studies and World University and School) possibly explore beginning to offer CC MIT OpenCourseWare courses in Persian online for credit even (as a start)? The MIT OCW Creative Commons' licensing allows for "sharing," "adapting," but is "non-commercial" (which WUaS thinks is competitive - since WUaS would like to seek reimbursement from Ministries of Education per year per student for degrees - as if going to Yale, for example) - so for WUaS to be able to offer these courses eventually for degree-credit in Google group video Hangouts, for example (based upon clarifying email conversations with MIT Dean of Online Learning Cecilia d'Oliveira, where she's asked WUaS to add the MIT clarifications about this to all of our web pages here - - at top), we'd both have to observe these licensing agreements. WUaS also seeks to create a great number of academic jobs and careers in Persian in the process.

Is there any way you could possibly please begin to explore how this would work further out of Stanford? (Together, we could begin to explore offering online CC OpenCourseWare Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and M.D. and I.B. degrees in Persian, beginning with the CC MIT OCW, which would be free-to-Persian-speaking-students in Iran and around the world). (In the process, WUaS would like to also explore collaborating with Stanford Medicine and Stanford Law potentially for CC OpenCourseWare in Persian, since MIT doesn't have a law school or medical school). How would Stanford navigate this CC MIT OCW licensing? Stanford would also get MIT for free - thanks to CC!

And perhaps Shima and Shahrzad would become teachers / faculty / professors at World University and School, for example. (Shahrzad's father is a MD / neurosurgeon in Tehran, as a FYI - so a great possible contact for explore beginning an online medical school with teaching hospital in Persian).

Thank you.

Best, Scott


Dear Roma (and All),

Thank you for your clarifying email re Stanford Iranian Studies, and Stanford licensing processes.

World University and School will begin a wiki school soon in Persian (emerging from - for open teaching and learning (thanks to CC Wikipedia's Wikdiata/Wikibase in 295 languages, where WUaS donated itself to Wikidata in October 2015). From here Iran World University and School - - will begin to offer free-to-students' CC OCW online Bachelor degrees in Persian based on the CC MIT OCW in Persian soon-ish, since Persian is one of 7  CC MIT OCW languages and this course ware already exists. Looking forward to staying in touch about this as well. Perhaps World University and School will eventually be able to hire Persian-speaking faculty out of Stanford and the wider Stanford Iranian Studies' network.

Thank you, Scott

Enjoyed good "A Man of Integrity" film at Stanford in Persian with subtitles. Hero goes to hot springs (Harbin?) for meditation amid modernity's stresses

Add "A Man of Integrity" film to realistic virtual earth conversion App & Iranians too in Persian could visit bath tub warm pools @rozomid


Man of Integrity film > Digital Mask for interactive soaking like at actual Harbin … & for merchandising film in Langs



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