Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gray Langurs: Friends in Jharkhand, India, Re: WUaS, thanks, and perhaps we could explore an experimental Google + Hangout about WUaS for spreading the word at some point

Hi Aditi, Gautam, and Priti!

I'm just burrowing out from re-entry into California, having returned last Saturday, January 18. Very nice to have gotten your messages, and sorry, too, for my tardy reply. It was fun to meet and celebrate the sunset at Magnolia Point with you, as well as meet to celebrate the sunrise in Neterhat at Hotel Prabhat Vihar, in Jharkhand. Who would have thought that so many would get up for a 'roof party' at sunrise? :)

Re: World University and School, thanks, and perhaps we could explore an experimental Google + Hangout about WUaS for spreading the word at some point - 8pm here is 8:30am in India, I think. And then we could save it to one of our Youtube channels, - and partly for learning about these information technologies, too. What might be a good day of the week for us to try this for you?

WUaS is significantly looking for best and high-achieving high school students (25-100 … 1000?) from India to matriculate online for free and MIT OCW-centric (taking 32 of these courses over 4 years - undergraduate degrees. In spreading the word, do you think you could please help find 25-100 or even 1000 graduating high school students in India who might be interested in the far-reaching online educational opportunity? (e.g. Neterhat Regional School) This is an historic opportunity, and WUaS plans to become a significant, academic, job producer in India, with time (e.g. Google has two offices in India, with about 500 people under one roof in its Dehli office). An article in the Hindustan Times, and/or a main Jharkhand newspaper this spring?

So glad Lodh Falls was enjoyable ... I found it beautiful and interesting to glean how people in India might visit such natural wonders in comparison with people in America, for example ... so many similarities, but I saw more natural plant items at picnics, is one difference, based on about a 30 minute visit. I like the unfolding exploring in such adventures as well :) Amit gave me the book ... please thank him again.

Here's the web link to my blog entry with you in it ...

And here's the web link to my blog entries vis-a-vis traveling in India ...

Please let me know when your plans gel for a trip to California, and perhaps we can visit Yosemite Falls together :)

Would love to see further photos, and I'll get to my photos (and will post some to my various G+ Profile pages, - http://  and, too, with time), as well, at some point (but please remember, Aditi, you're a professional photographer :)

Warm greetings,


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