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Tripod Fish: Bagpiping, BBC documentary on the great Gordon Duncan's piping - 'Just for Gordon,' A few, further, musical and piping thoughts ... in words and tones ...

Bagpiping ...

Hi Lore,

You may have seen this already, but here's a very good, hour-long, BBC Alba documentary on the great Gordon Duncan's piping - 'Just for Gordon' (2012?) ... My adviser at the University of Edinburgh from 2003-2004, Gary West (who produces the weekly BBC Pipeline show -, features prominently here since they were in the 1970's pipe band Vale of Atholl together, in which Gordon and his brother PM Ian significantly developed creatively and piping-wise. I've also added this to World University and School's Great Highland Bagpipe wiki page -


Great, Lore,

Thanks for your email just now, and see you online soon. 

Let's add tunes gradually to this fuller blog post plan of mine from last September ... ... (than my previous blog links) ... 

so I can further learn to play piping music this way ... "Lorne MacDougall at the Young Trad Musician of the Year Finals 2009" - 

and perhaps so I can also focus on recording inspiring playing, as well (like your playing :). 

See you soon :)

Hi Lore,

Here's the recording of mine I'd like to build on toward inspiring recordings ...

Miss Elspeth Campbell ... 

And here's my youtube channel with this and other piping recordings ... 

As a teacher, what might you suggest keeping this great recording of yours in mind -  ? Play faster? Different tunes? (I like the hills in the background). 



Hi Lorne, 

Nice to visit your D's home virtually :)

Thanks for a good lesson today and especially your feedback. Will try to record 'Carradale Bay' inspiringly, without the fingering blips, for learning purposes (both for playing and recording) for next week (and maybe with 'Miss Elspeth Campbell,' as well). 

inspiration ... would love to start online bagpiping ceilidhs and kinds of open mics in Google + group video Hangouts (further the open online music playing space idea I've been developing) .. perhaps at the same time as our lesson, in addition to our lessons ... Would you come ? (You'd be the big name that might draw people - please invite friends) ... they would be on a different evening (Tuesday or Thursday?), and around 7pm GMT for an hour or so, - to make piping social, learn about and develop a piping culture in G+ Hangouts, plus much more? What are most productive social piping learning experiences you've had/created ... in pubs, for example, or jam sessions some how?

further inspiration, thanks to you ... am eager to transpose back and forth from playing beginning keyboard (mostly bass lines this past fall, but adding the right hand now) on Monday evenings with Scottish Country Dance music (so many parallels) to pipes, - per your playing keyboard today.

(For further learning about inspiring recordings' reasons, 

I also find particularly Stuart Liddell's online piping (both family favorites / beginning and complicated tunes) particularly inspiring ... such as 

Piping Live (this whole concert - parts 1-8)

15 Solo Stuart Liddell Inverary Pipe Band 2013 Royal Concert Hall

but all of his Youtubes, (in addition to yours - ) ... :)

Thanks again for the lessons and the focusing ... (here's my tune list I'd like to develop toward professional piping, again - - and toward inspiring recordings and playing :)

See you next Wednesday, and thanks :)


Hi Lore, 

Just posted about your piping and lessons here - - on my main, bagpiping G + profile ( ... Do you have a free, G+ Profile? (I haven't been able to find one for you, and I've looked a few times, and they're very easy to begin ... all you need is to build from a free gmail account) ... I find G+ more helpful than most other social networking sites, information technologically, especially  and its community is growing big ...

Hi Lore, 

A few, further, musical thoughts ... in words and tones ... 

Here's a 'Carradale Bay' recording from today ...  ( ... after a few less good recordings 2 hours ago ... getting back into piping after bronchitis ... recording changes a learning dynamic, and I learn from it performance-wise ... daily playing again will improve fingering precision.  

Do you know the lovely, accordion player Lana Elaine Thomson in Glasgow, who studies at the Royal Conservatoire there - and 

I particularly enjoy this "Callinish" - 

Might she be a musical colleague with whom to jam ? ... and even in a Google + Hangout, as well ? :)



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