Monday, January 25, 2016

Clover: WUaS in Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum," WUaS business overview, WUaS is exploring planning to develop with MIT's BitCoin and BlockChain

Hi Bill (and Kevin), 

Thanks very much. I'll consider further what other relevant material World University and School may want to share with the students in your "New Business Practicum" besides these 14 planned revenue streams - If becoming a publicly traded company around WUaS's 501 c 3 Creative Commons' core is a possibility, and sooner than later, it would be great to explore how this would work legally and financially in your course. Could one student focus on each of the 4 501(c)(3) CC planned revenue streams and a 5th student focus on a long term strategy toward a publicly traded company, and the remaining ten planned revenue streams - and in the context of UC Berkeley and all of the University of California system? Would a publicly traded company be a first for your course or Berkeley Law (or one of a few)? 

And I'm RSVPing that I plan to attend the UC Berkeley Law "Practicum Entrepreneur-Student Brunch Reception" on behalf of WUaS on Sunday, January 31st. I may also invite incoming WUaS Board Member YC to this event as well, and will let you know ( if he can come or not. 

Greetings, Kevin.

Thank you.


Thank you again and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Berkeley Law New Business Practicum reception

- In terms of additional relevant material I'd like your students to review: for accounting purposes, WUaS would like to possibly use Intuit Quickbooks with its Multi-store (for bookstore/computer store planned ~ 200 countries' main languages and indeed potentially in all 7,938+ languages) - especially for multiple language and tax support, until WUaS learns further of similar off-the-shelf or other software with even a greater number of languages and tax systems supported. But perhaps collaborating with UC Berkeley or UC might be an important business partnership to explore here especially.

In addition, WUaS is exploring planning to develop with MIT's BitCoin and BlockChain ( - - ) and perhaps even do WUaS payroll in all ~200 countries' main languages partly with BitCoin connecting this with banks (WUaS has a Wells' Business account) and via our planned 200 law schools in countries' main languages if possible. Developing a plan with Berkeley Law, Cal, UC and MIT here could be an important part of this as well.

So for planning purposes in terms of "New Business Practicum," WUaS is potentially heading for Quickbooks with Multi-store and TurboTax in many languages, and Bitcoin - but this would also be on WUaS's commercial side, and not just on WUaS's CC 501 c 3 Core side of our planned revenue streams - see, again:

- WUaS would like to seek 200,000 applicants this autumn say by January 1, 2017, to matriculate online in the autumn of 2017 first in English (e.g. 200 from India, 50 from Japan, 225 from China etc, 75 from Brazil, 50 from Korea, Turkey, etc.) for online CC Bachelor, (and then Ph.D. Law, M.D. and I.B.) degrees, first in English but also especially also for a single course which could then lead to a job in WUaS university-industry collaborations and in all countries' main languages- see:  

To this end, I wonder what collaboration possibilities again there might be with UC Berkeley re Dean Rich Lyons' recent Tweet that UC Berkeley had just gotten 100,000 applicants for the first time - Could a Cal-WUaS collaboration lead to doubling this number in the autumn of 2016?

- WUaS would also like to explore "New Business Practicum" WUaS outreach approaches with your students. There might be an opportunity here to hire Reed College undergraduate online student interns for 10 hours/week for Berkeley Law student management experience, for example, as well as especially UC Berkeley undergraduates in countries' main languages to start, if WUaS had the money for this. Could students in your course reach out to faculty across the UC campus in different departments to share this WUaS Cal GSI teaching opportunity - and also for funding sources from these respective departments, and thus create Cal Law student jobs beyond the parameters of your course this spring? 

- Furthermore, the University of California's 10 campus model in one system is potentially an excellent model for WUaS's plans to be in each countries' main language as an online accrediting (on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC) university - accrediting in that countries' official/main languages. This could potentially lead to 200 universities in their main languages (where governments would contribute for their students some portion of the $44,000/year it costs for tuition to attend Harvard/MIT/Stanford and to otherwise cover the costs for these CC MIT OCW degrees, as well as possibly UC-informed degrees). WUaS would like to become the Harvard of the internet in all 200 countries' main languages and in all 7,938 languages and wiki schools for open teaching and learning. 

- Lastly, in terms of your "New Business Practicum" course - and a) WUaS CC 501 c 3 Core and b) a possible commercial, even publicly traded, company - here's WUaS's main IT development plan: WUaS plans to develop in the CC interlingual Wikidata/Wikbase database, which has been developed over the past 3 + years for Wikipedia's ~300 languages as our "back end." Wikidata/Wikibase is growing with machine learning and AI, and will make WIKI WUaS further unique relative to most online universities - so WUaS will be a) MIT OCW-centric in 7 languages, b) wiki, c) in all 7938 languages and d) developing with machine learning/AI. WUaS's "front end" will grow in MediaWiki. All of this has potential business as well as coding implications as well. 

So this is the front page -

This is the beginning of WUaS in MediaWiki in two languages - 

And WUaS hopes to install and develop in Wikidata / Wikibase - - soon. 

WUaS looks forward to coming into conversation with your students about some of these developments. 

Thank you and see you Sunday at the reception.

Sincerely, Scott



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