Friday, January 29, 2016

Indian chameleon: Canadian Studies' at UC Berkeley and WUaS

Hi Irene, 

Very nice to meet and talk with you yesterday at the Canadian Studies' "Thomas Garden Barnes Lecture: From the Forest Primeval to the Spell of the Yukon: Literary Tourism in Canada" talk at Cal -

As the chair of the Canadian Studies' program at UC Berkeley and a Professor of Sociology there, here's the beginning Canada World University and School - - which is soon moving to the new WUaS in MediaWiki with Wikidata/Wikibase. And here, for example, is the beginning French language WUaS - - with both MIT OCW courses for language learning, as well as other CC MIT OCW courses about French culture - and potentially courses about French Canadian culture, sociology and so much more. We're planning in Canada WUaS to offer online bachelor, Ph.D. law and MD degrees as well as IB high school diplomas in English and French+, as well as wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all languages in Canada. Here's the Sociology wiki subject page - - and interestingly, MIT (OCW) doesn't seem to have a Sociology department. Much of the learning will take place in group video. 

And here's the main WUaS page - - with the new developing WUaS MediaWiki in English - - accessible from - WUaS hopes to develop in the new Wikidata / Wikibase database (written for Wikipedia's ~300 languages and developing with machine learning/AI) this spring, and then develop in all 7,938 languages, with accrediting universities in all ~200 countries' main languages. 

One great thing about Creative Commons' licensed WUaS is that anyone can add a wiki subject about something they love and in any language - - to facilitate open teaching and learning about this. For example, there's a Tourism Studies' wiki subject - - as well as many subjects about music-making.  

See you perhaps at this Canadian Studies' event in Berkeley Law - Fossil Fuels and Radical Sovereignties - (I can't attend today so may not attend the whole thing actually).

By way of further introduction, I'm seeking to publish my 400 page actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs ethnography around Valentine's Day -

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