Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mokelumne River: Agenda & News: World Univ & Sch's open monthly business meeting Sat. Nov 10, 2018

Dear Universitians and friends,

Thank you for your support of World Univ & Sch. I've attached the financial reports for A) World University and School, and for the B) WUaS Corporation for October 2018.

Please join us at our open (hour-long) World Univ & Sch @WorldUnivAndSch monthly business meeting this Saturday, November 10, 2018, at 9 am Pacific Time, electronically, in a Google group video Hangout, if interested people email WUaS about this

World University's open monthly business meeting Agenda for September 8, 2018 -

See, too: 

Sincerely, Scott

- Languages - World Univ -

World Univ & Sch is planning to offer home robotics' courses beginning in autumn 2019 with our 2nd matriculating undergraduate class, now accrediting ... ... ... and toward online undergraduate engineering degrees - To this end, WUaS is amazed to see, in a Scratch drag and drop programming language webinar this morning, that Scratch 3.0 is planning for A) TRANSLATION, and working with B) Lego Mindstorms EV3 and C) Lego WeDo 2.0 ROBOTICS beginning in January ...

Wow - Translate, Lego Mindstorms EV3, WeDo 2.0 extensions will be part of Scratch 3 releasing on January 2, 2019 #Scratch3Webinar #RealisticVirtualEarthForLego - #RealisticVirtualEarthForRobotics - #RealisticVirtualEarth /Programming /Languages /Robotics

Re Home Robotics' World Univ & Sch is seeking to develop too a Realistic Virtual Earth for  #PhysicalDigital #ActualVirtual Lego - - in something like Brick Street View in Google Street View with TIME SLIDER / Earth + 

In a related vein, while not a book as information technology, a realistic virtual earth could become a radically new form of publishing offering much potential for scholarship in very new and excellent ways -

And World Univ & Sch is seeking to facilitate a realistic virtual earth for ALL libraries ever - conceptually think Google Street View with TIME SLIDER / Maps / Earth / Translate / TensorFlow + -  where we can all add libraries to this. For example, take a video of a physical archive - say an aisle of books in a library - convert this digitally from video to 3D interactivity (program not written yet), and add links to any given book or newspaper to the actual readable printed content. You can see some pictures of how this might work here - - and here - and and (and a realistic virtual earth for all museums ever as well).

See World Univ & Sch's Course Catalog here re the 'General Engineering' major - (accessible from - - and which is currently listing 6 majors, but which may expand into the ~32 departments / majors of MIT OCW eventually - and in all ~200 countries' official and main languages.

World Univ & Sch may be heading toward getting a coding team in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Education for WUaS - in order to develop 

A) a plan and platform for improving this - - with machine learning on the university side in multiple languages and with machine translation ...

B) the Academic Press / Bookstore at WUaS - - with machine learning and voice with machine translation with these two books re the WUaS bookstore - - - as examples.

World University and School is planning Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. degrees, as major online CC-4 MIT OCW-centric universities and high schools in all ~200 countries' official and main languages, and is a remarkable opportunity for students in these regards - and CC-4 MIT OCW is in 5 languages to begin. California, Californians and Students from all ~200 countries in the world would get MIT for free (in a sense - since WUaS would seek reimbursement from all ~200 countries' Ministries of Education per student per year) - an amazing opportunity. 

WUaS is currently waiting to begin accreditation with the CA BPPE - (and then WASC senior). And World Univ & Sch is a A) non-profit, and incorporated as a forked parallel second legal entity, the WUaS Press / Corp, a B) for-profit general stock company, in 2017, two further great opportunities - both planned in all ~200 countries and in all 7,097 living languages with machine learning and machine translation. 

Seeking to grow World Univ & Sch into a Stanford & a MIT in each of all ~200 countries' main/official languages - w combined numbers of faculty & staff -& wiki schools in all 7097 living langs growing from Wikipedia's staffing growth in ~300 languages - 2.2 million Universitians?
- -

All the best, Scott

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- World University and School

- 415 480 4577

- CC World University and School - like CC Wikipedia with best STEM-centric CC OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization. 



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