Friday, May 13, 2011

Bird alighting: Cultivate further enjoyment-in-learning approaches, online, for credit & degrees, Move away from struggle, conflict or carrot models

In free, open, wiki World Univ & Sch,

in what ways is it possible to cultivate further enjoyment-in-learning approaches ('Flow"), online, ...

for credit & degrees,

and move away from struggle-or-conflict, or carrot-and-stick models.

For Csikszentmihalyi, 'Flow' - enjoyment -

is a an absorbed mind, engaging challenge at the right level (e.g. a physics' problem or tennis game).

Learners - how to focus more richly, ...

‎... to make & see connections, flourishly, in the process of learning / engaging the material - with fun?

Let's rif, or improvise creatively, with 'flow' vis-a-vis learning at WUaS :)

to move away from metaphorical carrot and stick approaches ...

and potentially to transform the US culture of learning, pragmatically ...

(I think culture vis-a-vis learning is key - see Finnish education videos below).

Finnish education has a good reputation, especially in terms of skills learned (as I see it).

Here are some Insightful videos on SUCCESSES of Finnish education system:

... at World University and School's Education subject:

... Other models and web pages illustrating them?


Such rich & varied 'Flow' learning opportunities in idea & knowledge spheres:

Yale Digital Commons:

and here at World Univ & Sch's Library Resources: ...

an amazing Resource ...

Thank you, Yale! :)

What other FREE learning gems, like this one, will flower soon?

( - May 13, 2011)

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