Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purnululu: Practicing the piano growing up (ages 6-12), unenjoyable, isolating, Kids' Practicing, Musical Instrument Playing as Dialogue?

Practicing the piano growing up (ages 6-12)

was a little unenjoyable

because it felt isolating at times

(but I'm glad I play a few Bach Inventions slowly & read music now) ...

Here are some guidelines for Practicing a Musical Instrument
from Wynton Marsalis & Yo yo Ma:

(also here:

How to add to these guidelines?

Pairbond & Troopbond
(John Money 1988: 115)

around practicing

- e.g. kids & parents, etc. ?

How to turn practicing into a DIALOGUE,

and now online?

In what ways can you,

for yourself,

generate virtual, fun experiences,

(in your own bodymind)

whether by turning on the Grateful Dead,

or watching a Mozart opera (buffa),

or generate fun experiences even while practicing a musical instrument,

and via a dialogue WITH the music,

or with a friend, musically,


Can you turn a musical score into psychedelia

(richly imaginative, almost alive text:),

digitally & naturally,

and then rif with this :) ?


About kids' practicing & playing a musical instrument,

I like the Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar model

(who just played at San Francisco's Davies' Symphony Hall),

where Ravi probably brought Anoushka to music lessons (or something like this),

or taught her,

and they've now played together for decades ...

with an invitation to wiki-add teaching & learning resources,

and engage (adhibit),

also in a John Moneyian sense (see above), but musically :)

Ravi Shankar's music,

in particular,

can get pretty virtual for me (transcendent) ...

... and we might teach, learn and play this online,

from home :)

Check out his Three Ragas (1957) :) ... (it's playing now here at home, as I write this)

and eventually from the Digital Public Library of America, which will partly emerge here:


( - May 27, 2011)

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