Monday, May 30, 2011

Mount Wuyi, China: What ways might World Univ & Sch develop a course/degree focus specifically on ENJOYMENT / HAPPINESS for 18 yrs old overachievers?

World University & School is curious in what ways WUaS might,

as an experiment,

develop a course / degree focus specifically on enjoyment / happiness for 18 yr old overachievers,

matriculating in 2014.

In what ways could the 32 courses

(out of 400-ish? MIT OCW possibilities out of MIT's total 2,045 courses)

over the 4 years that students will take them,

be read / studied for more than 'flow' (Csikszentmihalyi),

but for happiness & bliss, as well,

in learning critical thinking & 'knowledge about' a field/subject

(e.g. in chemistry,






One way would be to ask 20 years old overachievers already attending MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, etc.

what they love while studying and learning, and build on this? :)

Such an experiment could then inform much education at all levels.

... an online 'enjoyment / happiness' approach to a MIT education? :)

by finding the students who want to learn & focus,

who do so without conflict,

and then WUaS would add readings, discussions, problem sets and experiments in 32 courses (over 4 years) per student,

chosen by experienced MIT / great universities' faculty,

and build on this? ...

This approach makes sense.

Besides the degrees implicit in MIT Open Course Ware,

WUaS would like, for example, to add degrees in



China/Chinese History/Languages
(Reed added a Chinese Humanities aspect to its Humanities' program a few years ago)

India / Indian History /Languages from open course ware ... :)

and possibly Dialogue

( - May 30, 2011)

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