Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fraser Island: New subject on 'Wiki' at WUaS, How Wikipedia is organizationally structured, A Library of Code on WUaS's FREE Educational Software page

New subject on 'Wiki' at World University & School - -

check out the Harvard video on Wikipedia with Reagle,

and the book by Reagle (and with Lessig) ...

World Univ & Sch is wiki, and invites you to edit it ... Wikipedia is in around 281 languages, and we made it. :)

Check out the article here in the new WUaS Wiki' page

'Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert'

for another interesting view into how Wikipedia is structured, organizationally ...

(also in the


A Great Idea ...

added Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson's idea in his blog for a

'FREE to ALL,'

OPEN CODE library

to the WUaS Educational Software page:

with so much FREE learning software there already:)

( - May 26, 2011)

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