Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sierra's Pee Wee Lake: New WUaS 'Landscape Architecture' subject, 'Cooperatives' Subject at WUaS growing w MIT "Cooperative Machines" course, Laptops

New 'Landscape Architecture' subject at WUaS: ...

Check out the Olmstead references as well as the MIT course ... invitation to add something from youtube, a favorite book, or idea :)


'Cooperatives' subject at WUaS growing with MIT "Cooperative Machines" course (with funny picture),

in addition to the MIT course on Economic Cooperatives - -

Check out the WUaS links half way down, as well :)


'Picking Out a Laptop in the Brave, New World of Tablets' - All Things Digital -

Some laptop reviews:


Glenn Gould - Art of fugue(Contrapunctus XIV) - MMmmm :)


A Bicycle Wedding just passed by in SF at the corner of Central and Hayes ... :)

( - May 22, 2011)

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