Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dolphin swim: Loving bliss, so love, seems neurophysiological & biochemical, One 'switch,' or cello bow stroke, is music, Grateful Dead FUN, Yoga

Loving bliss, so love - some aspects, at least -

all seem clearly neurophysiological, or biochemical ...

one 'switch,' or metaphorical cello bow stroke, for me, is music (mdma, too)

... fascinating to explore this in further depth

for 'Loving Bliss Eliciting' as one group starting place

Caring, too, is neurophysiological,

but reduction ad absurdum to neurophysiology

is too broad a brush storke :)

John Money's exigencies in 'Concepts of Determinism' (1988: 115) as specific neurophysiologies ?

... makes sense

Friend: I love that you love bliss :)


Grateful Dead - KGO TV News (San Fransisco) June 1985 - - The Dead, Deadheads, News, Pete Wilson, and a retrospective :)

As Bob Weir says, they were having a lot of fun as rock musicians ...


Yoga resources? - -

as wiki,

with an invitation to teach, learn & add, by editing this page ...

Yoga is salutary and facilitates well-being ... secular yoga, too ... :)

Consider taking a yoga class, in addition to other movement.

Yoga is a good practice to have in one's life (I practice daily),

especially with an experienced teacher

... it cultivates well-being and health, as well

... and a kind of steadfastness, too. :)


What would delicious yoga look like? - -

How to give it form, as practice, if at all?

Angela and Victor's yoga -

... in Greece ? :)

( - May 18, 2011)

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