Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dugong calf: Modernity, consumerism, media, education, identity, etc., All influence our choices significantly, Grateful Dead, WUaS Learning to Jam?

Modernity, consumerism, so buying & selling, the media, education, identity, etc.,

all influence our choices significantly

and yet music and jamming

- like the Grateful Dead and rock & roll, for example, -


giving rise to a lot of bliss and happiness

for a lot of people.

How to generate kinds of bliss, happiness and even love, with focus and code?

(What kinds of hippy and loving codes, - love, yes, - and why this ongoing lack in society?)

Ah, "Loving ... :)

the 'loving' word

And, loving bliss eliciting ...

MMMmmmm ...


and with musical jamming?

Learn & teach jamming at the WUaS Music School,

which you can access via the 'Music' subject: :) ...

'Musical Jamming' ... a new WUaS subject, I think,

distinct from the 'Improvisation' subject :)

( - May 7, 2011)

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