Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Music Button in a Google Hangout for group video, (packet switching for synchronization, given bandwidth?)!!!

The Music Button in a Google Hangout for group video

(packet switching for synchronization, given bandwidth?)!!!

... may start a Google Hangout for Singing Harmony -

thought I saw that Google + has a video music button :)

... We may be able to turn on some voices, and turn off others,

add or sing with this youtube video, that score, invite that music director or singer ...

Just found a few online pianos for getting pitches and singing thirds, for ex. -

they're not Steinways yet,

but a decent beginning ...


Here's an example of


... not finding the music button right now at Google when I search for it in a G + Hangout ... may have misread "Mute" button ... or?

... and hope to see real time music-making information technologies without lag


The Music button, the music button!

It's a good focus for a metaphor in life ... :)

... and to realize this online, and flourishingly, is a wild idea

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