Tuesday, December 6, 2011

San Joaquin Marsh: Playing / Practice space - interactive, online and in real time - on weekday evenings, Generating Musical Cultures Online

... I think playing / practicing a musical instrument is more fun socially,

than independently ...

... and would like to start some open, group music playing time

in a Google Hangout in group video chat,

possibly some weekday evenings at different times PST,

where everyone plays their own instrument,

but can turn on this instrument or person, or that one,

to play together, or not, if so desired ... :)

... (bagpipe, voice, guitar, etc.

... the instrument you want to develop 'flow' experiences with :).

Let me know if you're interested

... and we'll create other such practicing/ playing spaces at World University Music School -



Playing / Practice space - interactive, online and in real time - on weekday evenings in a Google + Hangout at variable times, Pacific Standard Time, beginning soon-ish.

... post below if you'd like an invitation to this group video chat with practicing / playing opportunities

... or email worlduniversityandschool@gmail.com

- all free and open, and aiming to grow a culture of musical playing and communication ...


A culture of music involves many people playing musical instruments, together and independently, and includes the musical conversation which ensues.

To generate such cultures, now online, people modeling, and doing it, will help this grow.


Why is the relaxation response so salutary and beneficial,

and how does this work,

to turn around the question Herbert Benson MD was asking of meditation when he wrote The Relaxation Response, in 1971? ...

Share your thoughts, or studies, here ...

at open, free, wiki WUaS.

The Relaxation Response is a practice as well ... shall we create online practicing spaces for this, as well?

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