Friday, December 2, 2011

Acercapillipes: It's 'hang outside comfortably in (UC) Berkeley & practice a musical instrument weather today,' - in early December, Waldman's poetry

It's 'hang out outside comfortably in (UC) Berkeley and practice a musical instrument weather today,' and it's early December ... check out WUaS's 'Practicing - Playing a musical instrument' wiki Subject - ... (and - planning on beginning some playing/practicing hangouts in Google + Hangouts (where it's a social place for playing music - I'll be practicing my chanter - and we can turn each other on, or off, video-wise, as we so choose) ... will add to schedule at the above link.


I had to look up what a Chanter is, although I assumed it had something to do with bagpiping. I never realized bagpipes were a double reed instrument!


(... in this musical play space, I'll be playing my quieter practice chanter :)



Poet Anne Waldman's reading in UC Berkeley's Maude Fife room yesterday evening was beat great :) ( ... will look to add something as enjoyable by her on the web to WUaS's wiki, poetry subject - - with an invitation to you to add poetry which rocks you, or write here, read, create a reading space ... :)