Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flying: How to invite people to participate in creating World Univ & Sch? A daily WUaS newsletter to email in-boxes? Yes, Specific WUaS goals, Editor

Hi Ja,

Why do I post so much, and how might I change this to benefit WUaS? I post so much for information sharing, almost like a daily newsletter, and which I've already posted in a number of other places today. The print out you gave me, Ja, appears to be a newsletter-like email, as well. Thank you. And our projects are similar, although Hurst's online posts are more edited. Importantly, in posting, I'd like it to be quick and easy, and keep the information about WUaS flowing and generating, daily or more frequently. If I could find a way to generate more non-me edits of my posts to a specific WUaS, wiki, academic, subject page through a style change of my posts to this blog, to G +, to FB, to, to LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., I'd certainly consider it. It's the knowledge-generating conversation among many which will make WUaS rock, in a way which parallels Wikipedia.

I welcome your suggestions and thoughts, and in a very fun way - the more fun the better. :)

The overarching WUaS goals are twofold -

1) an engaged, open, teaching and learning wiki, and

2) free degrees with our first matriculating Bachelor's class in 2014.

The other main overarching WUaS goal, and reason for posting, relevant here is 'branding,' or outreach.

The specific WUaS goal the following, posting focuses on has to do with developing a WUaS universal translator.

"Some challenges/opportunities ahead with a WUaS universal translator include IMAGES and OPERA, INTERACTIVELY, and other culturally and symbolically rich, polysemic song and dance.

World University & School plans to be in ALL 3,000-8,000 languages, and develop an universal translator (with a focus on artificial intelligence) ...

In planning for developing an universal translator, building on Google Translate and Sugar Labs' Translator, etc., and using Artificial Intelligence programming, in voice, text, video, etc., how to bring together, for example, Scots, as a specific example of a language/dialect, with Scottish Gaelic (and Hindi and Bengali and the other 20 official languages in India, etc.), is a fascinating question? ("



WUaS would like to start a daily WUaS newsletter, as a significant form of outreach ...

... and would like, too, to hire an editor for this...

and for this WUaS needs monies ...

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