Friday, December 23, 2011

Lion: Janine Benyus shares nature's designs, WUaS Design, Biological Engineering, Evolution, Media Lab, WUaS Admissions to be, CONVERSATION STARTER

Fascinating and beautiful ... "Janine Benyus shares nature's designs" ...

... will add to World University & School's

"Design," wiki subject -

"Biological Engineering,"

and possibly Biology or Evolution,

and other, wiki subjects, ... or ... ?,

... so much potential for the Media Lab at WUaS in this video, as well -

... Wow :)


10 Ways to Get Yourself on the Yoga Mat by Megan Keane ~

just added this to World University & School's wiki, yoga subject page -

good ideas!


Joi ( Joichi Ito ) is spinning great tunes as DJ of the MIT Media Lab -

will add this to the Media Lab at World University and School -

where we all can become great DJs of information technological innovation,

with an edit, for example,

in conjunction with becoming a great university ...


World University & School's admission process will engage a similar approach to the one suggested here -

... (great, S.C. !) -

where people can 'course in' ...

WUaS is planning on offering some, free, online MIT OCW High School courses

in autumn 2012, accessible here -

in Google + Hangouts, or similar, for one.


Google + Hangouts video conference from a status update,

(and therefore from an image or link) ...


where language and dialogue facilitate learning ...

will add this to the "Conference Method of Teaching and Learning" at

(and perhaps to the upcoming Dialogue wiki subject page).


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