Sunday, December 11, 2011

Indonesia: Saw "The Yes Men Fix the World" at Harbin recently, very Reed College, Nader-esque, Shakespeare, Rock & Roll ... and Loving Bliss, film?

Saw "The Yes Men Fix the World" at Harbin Hot Springs


... love it

... - hi jinx with conscience, conscientious objection ...

Two men, representing big corporations, go to conferences and give speeches about how the corporations they say they are representing are going to give back billions of dollars to victims (satirically with a positive vibe) of these companies' mismanagement, fatal accidents stemming from their primary interest in profits.

Dow chemical, union carbide, Northrup, Halliburton ... are all the focus of their speeches at public, business forums and conferences.

... The film was very Reed College, and also Nader-esque.


Vamos (Mike Bonanno), one of the main Yes Men protagonists, actually went to Reed :)


Film is a great way to learn Shakespeare language in a sitting,

to see the great in Rock & Roll

... not sure about film and eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology

... would like to wiki-explore all of these subjects -

... What are the films you would suggest vis-a-vis eliciting loving bliss? ... ...

this could be fun and flourishing :)

I added an Shakespeare top 10 film list to WUaS, in addition to others, here -,_William.

And I've begun to find similar top 10 film lists for great Rock & Roll - - which I'll add soon.

What are the films you would suggest vis-a-vis eliciting loving bliss?

My suggestions include a film called "Don Juan" from the 1970s, and Greenaway's "Pillow Book," they only come closest (in my recent experience), but certainly don't yield fulsome bliss.

Eliciting bliss via film, so that we get to MDMA-like neurophysiology regularly, and naturally, is more challenging, than, say, eliciting mirth, or happiness, via comedy ( to which I hope to add great classic films, especially vis-a-vis those written in ancient Greece and France), but here's the WUaS Loving Bliss subject which I hope to post good, related films to ... :)

... this could be fun and edifying :)

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