Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rolling Lake County Hills: I ride these hills on my way to the waters

I ride these hills on my way to the waters

I ride these hills

on my way to the waters,

the warm, daylight, dream

waters of Harbin.

Their contours create

streams, ripples and eddies,

for meditation, on the road,

on this swervy, curvy journey,

via freedom underway.

I travel straight on to Harbin.

Cold, crisp, illuminated evening,

a beautiful, light cat, alone,

outside the Harbin

health food store,

after hours -

kitty paws prancing

on cold, black asphalt -

wants attention,

as I head for the pools.

The warm pool is

just filling up

after alligator day, -

the monthly drain, clean and fill

of the warm, water pool, -

2/3rds full, now,

and the blue, foot-wide, tile band,

all around the waterline,

with beautiful, dark,

blue diamonds, and rectangles,

and light, blue triangles, interspersed,

shine forth in the soft, night light.

This Harbin is a vivid dream.

And with the crystalline

waters of Harbin, -

this pool looks Greek,

ancient, as its waters pour

noisily in from the two,

dragon ridge-side spouts,

and from the other, hot spout,

near the hot pool room's

wall's flowers.

Time travel in

less serene nowness?

People in these moving waters

are soaking it in.

I head in to the dressing room,

after soaking long,

brush my teeth,

and wind to bed.

The light cat is still there,

by the market, -

not Arjuna, the big,

India-philosophical, Harbin cat, ...

this one is young,

and emerging from its kitty-ness, -

(after I come through the

art-flow-walkway-sculpture), ...

and this kitty-cat

wants company,

for it's cold out.

Allergic, I walk past,

want to say hi,

pet it, commune with it,

purr together,

but I don't, because

I'll sneeze,

become short of breath,

and chew my cud,

so I walk down

the back, Stonefront

Lodge road,

with the cat following me,

crossing my path,

again and again,

seeking connection and warmth, then

leaving me at the middle parking lot.

I hope it found its way to warmth

on this beginning-winter night.

Walking this Harbin hill straight down,

I head from watery warmth,

to bed, and warm sleep,

into the part of my

diurnal, rhythm dream

I know not ...

... and, later, when we awake,

we'll head in

to soak

in virtual Harbin.

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