Thursday, February 12, 2015

Red Panda: Computational Linguistics' wiki subject page at WUaS, All 7,870 languages, WUaS Universal Translator, Wikidata and Google Translate/Android, NAACL or ACL this year?, Adding cognitive systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning with time

Fei Xia and Jim, 

Greetings! Your research interests are very exciting Fei Xia. I've added your name to the Computational Linguistics' wiki subject page at World University and School, which is like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric OCW, such as MIT OCW and Yale OYC. WUaS is also planning to be in each of all 7,870 languages 
(, each a wiki school (where Wikipedia is currently in 288 languages), as well as develop an Universal Translator

What's the best way to communicate further with you Fei Xia 
( about computational linguistics, your research interests, such as your aggregation project, and very related WUaS projects? 

All the best, 

This is the LinkedIn conversation where I learned of your work: 

Fei's work is still a long way from being of direct applicability, but it does provide a foundation and pathway for reaching the 7000+ language level someday. 

This will take many years, but we will see.  IBM would like to see cognitive systems in all languages. 

Once our cognitive systems are mature, they will be of more help with your ambitious mission of WUaS. 

However, I reiterate - please have patience - this will take many years. 


Dr. James ("Jim") C. Spohrer
Director, IBM University Programs (IBM UP) and Cognitive Systems Institute
Innovation Champion ( 


Hi, Scott,
  It's nice to hear from you. Thank you for your interest. I guess the best way to reach me is via email. 
My schedule for the next few months are pretty full with conference deadlines and teaching. If you plan to go to NAACL or ACL this year, maybe we can find a time to chat during the conference?

  Best wishes.


Hi Fei and Jim, 

Thanks for your emails, and it's nice to hear from you as well, Fei. WUaS is a huge project which will take decades + to realize. 

In terms of computational linguistics 
(, Fei, I think the new-ish interlingual "linked open data" database C.C. Wikidata/Wikibase - - designed for C.C. Wikipedia's 288 languages is one place C.C. World University and School will plan to begin to develop in all 7,870 + languages in many many ways (and also building on Google Translate, for example, with its Android + hardware presence). Have you explored Wikidata for computational linguistic reasons, Fei, by any chance? And it's building on this, Jim, that WUaS would explore adding cognitive systems, artificial intelligence ( and machine learning with time as well. 

Fei, have you seen all these language indexes - ? What other all-languages' indexes would you suggest adding here as well?

Let's stay in touch by email for now, since I don't have plans to attend any of the meetings you suggest. I'm planning to drive to Portland Oregon, (to deliver a paper on WUaS, as well as visit Reed College) from about June 10-20 and we could conceivably meet sometime in person around this time in the NW. 

Patiently, and best regards,


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