Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eruca sativa: Some F/friendly morning ideas: Humbleness and World University, Nontheistically F/friendly meditation in among Quakers?

Hi Donald,

Some F/friendly morning ideas:

World University and School as a nontheistically F/friendly calling / leading
http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Nontheist_Friends_(atheist_Quakers%3F) )
is indeed perhaps a novel idea emergence in the Quaker world/among Friends - and now in part for around 7 years. Does it emerge out of F/friendly conversation & thinking, as well as from f/Friendly daily sitting in a kind of releasing action meditation {partly inspired by Quaker Meeting itself}, from nature / evolutionary biology and goodness? I'd humbly affirm a yes answer to this self-query, and also vis-a-vis my 4 time clearness committee at San Francisco Friends' Meeting some years back. Thank you ...

How to grow Quaker community further around WUaS, I wonder - and in flourishing {loving bliss-generative} ways - and in many languages? (I enjoyed hearing Joyce Ajlouny from Ramallah Friends School speak at Palo Alto Friends Meeting)

(This email to you emerges in part in response to an email this morning from Ben Lomond Quaker Center entitled "Walk Humbly - Serve Boldly" (http://www.quakercenter.org/walk-humbly-serve-boldly/) about an upcoming workshop there near Santa Cruz).

(WUaS also explicitly emerges from a course I was teaching on Harvard's virtual island in SL in 2008, and the links to the transcripts are in this blog as well).

Friendly regards and cheers,



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