Monday, February 23, 2015

Conch: Found and grow the Music School at World University and School? Oberlin Conservatory Violinist

Sunday morning

Hi Josie (and J, C, S and M),

Thanks for your email Josie, and for letting me know you'd like to share music as a life focus/career but not necessarily online (e.g. in Google Hangouts and MIT's new UnHangouts), and not by founding and growing the all-languages, all-instruments' Music School ( at wiki CC World University and School, as WUaS begins initial BPPE accreditation (see emails below).

I'm emailing your J, C, S and M too because you have so many good musicians (e.g. violin players: in your family and this founding/directing and developing of World University's Music Program is a far-reaching creative opportunity. It might be a good fit for others in your family, for example, or some of your and So's Oberlin colleagues/faculty even.

While it would be fun if you moved out here to become the executive director of the Music School and design the initial Bachelor's degree program - we'd like to become the Juilliard / Yale / best and most inspiring music school in the world, and in large languages - or did so from Oberlin or Maine, I hope J or M (I'm just heading to Quaker Meeting in SF now, Meg :) especially will keep in mind your other family members who might thrive with this opportunity and let WUaS know of possible interest.

Josie, if you might not be interested in being the founder and executive director of the World University Music School in English, or also possibly studying for a Ph.D. in music at WUaS, might you be interested in teaching violin online at WUaS at some point to complement your other musical foci?

L and I will probably work further on the BPPE state of California initial accreditation documentation today on the phone, and I'd love to add a Bachelors of Music degree at this early stage, so please let me know if other family might be interested in this music-generative opportunity.

Happy music-making :)

Friendly regards to you all,


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