Monday, February 9, 2015

Fisher: "Economics," "Chemistry," and "Physics," - and WUaS's Business Plan, and WUaS Monthly Board Meeting (2/14)

Dear Larry, Govind, and sporadic Universitians, 

I just called you, Larry, to see if we could make headway on filing the BPPE forms - and possibly before the WUaS Monthly Business (Board) Meeting (MBM) on Saturday February 14th. 

Here below is part of a conversation which Govind and I have had over the past week on the phone and in email (some of which I think you've read, Larry), concerning "Economics," "Chemistry," and "Physics," which as I see it now, are related-to-the-three-majors that you've initially worked out for BPPE, and which WUaS would likely also like to accredit upon:  

"Torrey pine: An ECONOMICS' instructional design video? for graduate student instructors from MIT, Yale or Stanford, for example, and with the Conference Method viz. Reed College ... Economics' courses from Yale OYC and MIT OCW, What instructional resources Reed students found helpful and added to WUaS at Paideia in PHYSICS and ORGANIC CHEMISTRY wiki subjects - Khan Academy Organic Chemistry and UC Boulder Quantum Physics' simulations, Playing instructionally is great here at WUaS ... and wiki-wise especially"

These three majors ("Economics," "Chemistry," and "Physics"), as examples, each have both Yale OYC and MIT OCW courses in video, and they're mainstream academic disciplines which BPPE, and later WASC senior, might easily "accredit," for example. 

In addition, here's "WUaS's Business Plan's 6 Foci  - Updated" - 

"WUaS's Business Plan's 6 Foci - Updated, In all 7,870 languages and 242 countries, MIT OCW, Yale OYC ...1) Fundraising for 501 (c) 3 WUaS, 2) Bookstore/Computer Store, 3) Governments' collaboration for CC Academic Degrees, 4) Academic Press, 5) Non CC Music lessons and tutoring, 6) universal broadband internet connectivity"

which I've added here - - too. 

I'm curious to talk with you both about ways in which each of these 6 prongs will become revenue streams for WUaS, and how WUaS might organize around these, and all vis-a-vis C.C. WUaS in C.C. Wikidata / Wikibase ... 

Hope to talk with you over this weekend, and also potentially at WUaS open monthly Board meeting on February 14th at 9 am PT. 



- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  

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