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Rainforest: Malaysia WUaS, partially in a Malaysian language (and accessible from the main "Nation States" wiki page at WUaS), World University and School as another Grand Challenge at, Adding Artificial Intelligence - Linked Open Data to Multilingual WUaS in All Languages, WUaS Universal Translator

Malaysia World University and School - - partially in a Malaysian language now (and accessible from the main "Nation States" wiki page at WUaS -



Hi Scott,

I have limited research in cognitive systems but would like to share with you the MOOC development in Malaysia.,

Whilst there is a local private university apparently focusing on a research about Mobile learning and Knowledge Management System.


Hi William, Jim, Haluk and Yassi,

Thanks William! I just added the 2 web pages' links you just sent to Malaysia World University and School - - not yet in any Malaysian languages (and accessible from the main "Nation States" wiki page at WUaS -

And Jim, I just suggested World University and School as another Grand Challenge here - - by clicking on "Suggest Others" here with the following:


Engaging artificial intelligence, Watson and cognitive computing, WIKI (editable web pages) accrediting (on best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare, CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC) World University and School would like to invite you to help WUaS become the Harvard / MIT of the internet and in all 7,870+ languages ( and 242+ countries, offering CC online university (bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D.) and high school (I.B.) degrees in large languages and most countries. For more information about World University and School Grand Challenge, please contact " (from:

I also added this Cognitive Science's "Suggest Grand Challenges" page itself to the "Artificial Intelligence" wiki subject/school -



Hi William, Yassi, Jim and Haluk, 

Thanks to the online-education-in-Malaysia links you sent, William, which I added here to Malaysia World University and School - - Malaysia WUaS now has some courses in a Malaysian language. This is so great!

More about this here in a recent blog entry of mine -

"Malaysia WUaS, partially in a Malaysian language (and accessible from the main "Nation States" wiki page at WUaS), World University and School as another Grand Challenge at, Adding Artificial Intelligence - Linked Open Data to Multilingual WUaS in All Languages" 

I'm beginning to think through planning for how WUaS may begin add Linked Data / Cognitive Assistants to all 242 countries and first in main large languages in these, - and eventually in all 7,870 languages as wiki schools - and planned for CC Wikidata/Wikibase (which has been developed for Wikipedia's 288 languages). 

Here's the beginning WUaS Universal Translator -

Thoughts about adding Linked Data / Cognitive Science inter-lingually as first steps, Jim and All? 


I've added recent posts about Malaysia WUaS to both of these Twitters:


Consider hotels, and learning how to check in and check out in all languages... 

The place that would be most useful to ISSIP, in my opinion, would be to focus on simple language learning for all languages first, for simple scripts in basic service systems - like hotels.  This is very useful for when people travel, and helps us build out service blueprints for service systems. 

For example, for a hotel service system, what are the 100 concepts that can be used by people to check into and check out of a hotel in any country and in any language.   If someone wants to learn these little scripts in many languages can WUaS solve this grand challenge first? 

This would also contribute multi-language knowledge triples to "concept net 5" or other systems...         

For example, see this - and be sure to scroll all the way down - it is very long!!! 


Dr. James ("Jim") C. Spohrer
Director, IBM University Programs (IBM UP) and Cognitive Systems Institute
Innovation Champion ( 


Hotels and related language are a really great starting point suggestion, Jim, (and potentially in all 3,000 largish languages or so of the 7,870 languages (for a, and perhaps language of transportation, and possibly also the street market - all of which are spoken and can involve somewhat simple language and oft-used words,  ... and perhaps dictionaries and encyclopedias, on the academic side, and with multiple language resources ...) 

Will check out the other resources you sent soon-ish. 




Yes the hotel, restaurant, street market, transportation service system script might be a good practical place to start. 

Do you know how many written languages have a literate population of over 1 million people alive today?  Is it about 3000? Is there a list of them? 

It would be good to get a list of these languages and same example piece of text in each language a a UTF-8 file.  The would be a great resource to share with the world, as as stepping stone to the WUaS goal.   

How many languages has the Bible been translated into? OVER 2800, see below 

Is there a document in the Guinness book of world records that is most translated in the world? YES, see below 

Just found this - Bible in 2800 languages 

This is also eye opening... 

Most translated document: 

The Ethnologue will sell you a database of 7,106 spoken languages for $500.00 

I would like to have a list of the written languages with large literate populations that is alive today (>1M literate people). 



Thanks, William and Jim, 

It's in anticipating an Universal Translator - - for all 7,870 languages (plus invented and dead ones, etc.) that your Malaysian language resource (the MOOC) and Jim's hotel language suggestion are great starting points - probably in the interlingual Creative Commons' licensed Wikidata/Wikibase database vis-a-vis World University and School - and are far-reaching ... I'll check out your links for hotel language, in particular, William. 

Yassi, Haluk, Jim and William, what languages do you speak/know? 

From Cognitive Systems Institute in LinkedIn on February 10 ... "A high-tech hotel opening in Japan will be staffed by multilingual robots - ... for further language thinking (but only in Japanese presumably). 

On the academic side, beyond dictionaries and encyclopedias, I think MIT OCW translated courses itself - - would be a good possible starting point - in addition to hotel, transportation and market place language on the pragmatic in-use language side. 

Good question about the Bible and other much translated works ... 

The Creative Commons' licensed open side of of all of this (vis-a-vis the Ethnologue) will be invaluable ... and be knowledge generative. 

I'll add the UTF-8 file and related lists and similar when I find them to Languages wiki subject/school - plus at WUaS. 



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