Saturday, February 13, 2016

Anemone hupehensis: Minutes for February 13, 2016, Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School

Minutes for February 13, 2016, Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School
Present: Yuping Chung, Sara Chugh, Larry Viehland and Scott MacLeod (clerk and recording clerk) (Sorry Alan MacKenzie in NZ couldn’t participate due to technical difficulties).

Minute 1 –

Welcome Yuping Chung to the WUaS Board, as our newest member - Yuping is also on the Board of CASPA, and will seek to connect our organizations, perhaps by arranging for a) Scott and Yuping to make a presentation to CASPA in the SF Bay Area, and b) also perhaps helping WUaS develop university / industry relationships through CASPA and c) further communications with Taiwan Wikimedia, with whom you’ve spoken (recently in Taiwan) and developing WUaS in Mandarin and other Taiwanese languages.

Minute 2 –

S.C., a lawyer, and a Practicum Associate in a UC Berkeley course in Berkeley Law Professor Bill Kell’s “New Business Practicum” is originally from Canada. Sara, while we only touched on this a little in business meeting, could you possibly please explore reaching out to the UC Berkeley chair of Canadian Studies, and even partly about Canada World University and School planned in French and English, and all other languages in Canada each a school beginning as a wiki subject page, and about possibly about funding too for WUaS best STEM CC OCW online degrees (e.g. with WUaS accrediting on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages+ and CC Yale OYC).

Minute 3 -

SM will seek to procure a nonprofit version of Quickbooks from TechSoup in SF.

Correction: The WUaS Minutes (and Agenda) for January 9, 2016 had “2015” in the document name and title, and should read 2016 instead.  

Hi S, 

Thanks so much, and especially for your participation today in WUaS's monthly business meeting - I'm very glad too that both Larr and Yup and you got to meet each other on the phone, especially since they are WUaS Board members - (And sorry, for reasons of technical difficulties, that Al in New Zealand couldn't participate. He may be able to help focus WUaS in NZ as well as Australia, and his 3 middle-school age sons all may be able to attend WUaS online eventually too).

Thanks too for the clarifications, a) that you are a Practicum Associate, and not yet a lawyer re the Bar, and b) that WUaS should seek to reach out to the chair of the UC Berkeley Canadian Studies' department ourselves for possible funding and related Canada / WUaS collaborations (e.g. for online universities and high schools for best STEM CC OpenCourseWare degrees, and wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 200+ mother tongues there), which I will note in next month's WUaS minutes. 

Phil and Ab, if you would like to observe/participate WUaS's governance process before May 11th, the next WUaS monthly business meetings are on Sa 3/12 and Sa 4/9 (2nd Saturdays at 9am). 

Looking forward to seeing the memo about "New Business Practicum" deliverables that you mention, S, and meeting with you again. 

Thank you!




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