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Polygonia c-album butterfly: 2016 Best Private High Schools,, Tuition for 2016–17, From a related text conversation with my friend soul who lives in Saudi Arabia


Stanford Online High School

Re, where Stanford University Online High School is third after the two Phillips Academies (Andover and Exeter, where my grandfather went to high school):

2016 Best Private High Schools


2016 Best Private High Schools in America

Glad Stanford Online High School is best with PAs too >Collaboration potential with WUaS's planned IB and for Africa

Africa WUaS (planned in each countries' main language, each a major university in Africa) -

International Baccalaureate at WUaS (in all countries' main languages) -

I met with Raymond Ravaglia, the head of the Stanford University Online High School, about 5 years ago in person ...

There are a lot of Ph.D.s among teachers here at Stanford University Online High School ... and a great significant focus on philosophy ... :) ... and with jobs especially :)

Hi M,

While not polity, this is a great vision - . Stanford does video so well like so much else with excellence. Will blog about this today probably ...

Here’s the virtual classroom at with its seminar video technologies re all-langs wiki WUaS
Check out the other video at OHS -

How Stanford Online High School Classes Work

- here -


Stanford_University_Online_High_School>WASC accredited & Univ of California approved Extend to countries' languages

So GREAT>Stanford Online High School w Stanford VISION~EXCELLENCE To Planned in Lands' Langs


Tuition for 2016–17

Full-Time Enrollment (4 or more courses)$19,950
Part-Time Enrollment (2–3 courses)$12,400
Single-Course Enrollment$4,150
Please note that one course is defined as a year-long course. Two semester-long courses taken in different semesters would be viewed as one course for the purposes of tuition.
* Tuition does not cover books, course materials, and extracurricular expenses for event attendance, yearbooks, etc.

How to get into teaching (in general)? … and make it generative, even if tiring, is a question I give some thought to in a variety of ways … same with playing a musical instrument … where one just wants to do it because one is a teacher or a musician … I’ll blog about this - - today, but I find this inspiring as well as a great model for teaching, learning as well as World University and School - ( - Stanford is amazing and 50 years after the 1960s and 70s which influenced it significantly being in California … there’s a lot of excellence at Stanford ...


From a related text conversation with my friend soul who lives in Saudi Arabia:

[2/19/16, 4:41:16 AM] soul: good afternoon! Scott, how r u today?
[2/19/16, 4:41:38 AM] soul: just wanna tell u that on thursday my superviser attend one of my classes to see hows my performance ...
[2/19/16, 4:43:55 AM] soul: i dont like that .. but anyways, I ll see her on sunday to listen to her feedback
[2/19/16, 4:46:10 AM] soul: shall i go? what do u recommend ? ... wish me the best ;)
[2/19/16, 7:16:50 AM] Scott MacLeod: Hi Soul! Glad you’re feeling better, at least enough to go to school to teach. Your supervisor attending your class can be scary (I don’t like this either), but also a great and important(!) network - and your English is excellent - and I bet you’re a great teacher too. Yes - share some food with her on Sunday … :)
[2/19/16, 8:10:51 AM] soul: Thank u Scott u always make me feel happy and believe in my self
[2/19/16, 8:11:24 AM] Scott MacLeod: :)
[2/19/16, 8:17:17 AM] soul: 3 teachers attended my classes before and they enjoy a lot... this make me continue to be a teacher and not to choose another job. Also, my student love me and hug me, espcially 2 and 3 elementary levels. :$ :P
[2/19/16, 8:18:24 AM] soul: But sometimes i wish i can quit and find another job cuz teaching takes great effort from ones life
[2/19/16, 8:20:08 AM] Scott MacLeod: 3 teachers enjoyed your classes a lot in the past? surprise, surprise :) :) … and this makes you continue you on as a teacher, not choosing another job … music to my ears :) … Your students love you and hug you … can’t get much better than this … 2nd and 3rd elementary levels (2nd and 3rd grades in the US perhaps - possbily 7-10 year olds?) …
[2/19/16, 8:24:32 AM] Scott MacLeod: How to get into teaching … and make it generative, even if tiring, is a question I give some thought to in a variety of ways … same with playing a musical instrument … where one just wants to do it because one is a teacher or a musician … I’ll blog about this - - today, but I find this inspiring as well as a great model for teaching, learning as well as World University and School - ( - Stanford is amazing and 50 years after the 1960s and 70s which influenced it significantly being in California … there’s a lot of excellence at Stanford ...
[2/19/16, 8:42:52 AM] soul: I ope the link and watched the vedio .. so insipring .. wish one day i study in Standford and meet u ;)
[2/19/16, 8:55:44 AM] soul: Here 2 + 3 their ages are about 7 to 9 ... too young and too noisy (:|
[2/19/16, 8:57:38 AM] Scott MacLeod: That would be great, Soul! … likewise … I like 4-6 year olds as an age group for teaching … but think teaching English as a second language would be better with your age kids … :)
[2/19/16, 9:04:47 AM] soul: Hate when i m typing and receving a call ;(
[2/19/16, 9:05:22 AM] Scott MacLeod: Multi-tasking is an art in the digital age … how to make it musical :)
[2/19/16, 9:09:17 AM] soul: Yup they many of them like English and they enjoy E classes but honestly, i face some who hate English cuz they think it's difficult .. and still try do my best to make them love E
[2/19/16, 9:09:52 AM] soul: Many of them *
[2/19/16, 9:11:10 AM] soul: And still hope to find another job .. (think)
[2/19/16, 9:11:58 AM] Scott MacLeod: thinking you are very inspiring … and through your engagement and interaction … how to find great teachers like you for all 7,943+ languages - will be  (and was and in online video too … like Stanford University Online High School :)
[2/19/16, 9:12:49 AM] Scott MacLeod: actually will be
[2/19/16, 9:13:04 AM] Scott MacLeod: all from here -
[2/19/16, 9:21:14 AM] Scott MacLeod: Here’s the virtual classroom at - - with its seminar video technologies, upon which WUaS will also build (e.g. in Google + Hangouts/Classroom)
[2/19/16, 9:42:43 AM] soul: Sounds great! Can anyone join these virtual classes ?
[2/19/16, 9:44:10 AM] soul: And so sorry for replying late cuz my nephew is  bothering me (doh)
[2/19/16, 9:45:19 AM] Scott MacLeod: WUaS has two wings - a) a wiki wing planned online schools in all 8k languages for open teaching and learning … and b) a free CC OCW degree wing for matriculated students … if you check out the private - - students from around the world can pay for 4 courses, 2-3 courses or a single course … say hi to your nephew from his new friend Scott :)
[2/19/16, 9:58:44 AM] soul: Good! I ll think about it
[2/19/16, 10:00:29 AM] soul: He says hi too and give u a (lips)
[2/19/16, 10:02:11 AM] Scott MacLeod: :) :) :)
[2/19/16, 10:14:03 AM] soul: Wanna show u puppets i made for teaching purporses
[2/19/16, 10:14:26 AM] Scott MacLeod: In Skype video? :)
[2/19/16, 10:20:22 AM] soul: No pic
[2/19/16, 10:20:28 AM] Scott MacLeod: Great :)
[2/19/16, 10:46:54 AM] soul: Did receive it ?
[2/19/16, 10:47:11 AM] soul: Cuz it dosnt appear to me
[2/19/16, 10:50:08 AM] Scott MacLeod: You can’t get video in Riyadh? Maybe we can try the regular G+ Hangout link I’ve used again and again … and which you were in on Saturday briefly, although I don’d know if you’ve ever been in this in video ...
[2/19/16, 10:53:57 AM] soul: Video ya sure
[2/19/16, 10:54:14 AM] soul: As we usually do together
[2/19/16, 10:54:26 AM] soul: Is that what u mean ?
[2/19/16, 10:54:59 AM] Scott MacLeod: Shall we try? (I should probably take a shower first :))
[2/19/16, 10:56:27 AM] Scott MacLeod: I’ve only seen your G+ photo … but while this may be video too … I suspect it’s only audio and a photo
[2/19/16, 10:58:57 AM] Scott MacLeod: Post your puppets’ pix to Twitter, Soul … I’m posting much these days here and here and here
[2/19/16, 10:59:39 AM] soul: Ok Scott take ur time .. sorry i cant make video cuz i cant show my face ... if u thats what u mean.
[2/19/16, 10:59:52 AM] Scott MacLeod: Do you wear chador?
[2/19/16, 11:00:26 AM] Scott MacLeod: Thanks for letting me know … am learning :)
[2/19/16, 11:01:24 AM] soul: Whats chador?
[2/19/16, 11:01:36 AM] Scott MacLeod: If you became a student at Stanford in person, do you think you’d still not show your face?
[2/19/16, 11:02:42 AM] Scott MacLeod: Is it not the veil - ? But his is probably not the Arabic word … which is?
[2/19/16, 11:03:02 AM] soul: I think so :|
[2/19/16, 11:03:27 AM] Scott MacLeod: Hijab?
[2/19/16, 11:03:52 AM] soul: Yup hijab is an Arbic word
[2/19/16, 11:04:28 AM] Scott MacLeod: :) … and if you became a student at Stanford?
[2/19/16, 11:04:40 AM] soul: But chador is Farasi
[2/19/16, 11:04:48 AM] Scott MacLeod: … do you think you’d still not show your face?
[2/19/16, 11:04:59 AM] Scott MacLeod: Yes, thanks …
[2/19/16, 11:05:55 AM] soul: It's my religion, Scott
[2/19/16, 11:06:26 AM] Scott MacLeod: I don’t think I’ve seen any one wear Hijab at Stanford. Yesterday I was at both Stanford and Berkeley … and I think I saw some women wearing headscarves at Berkeley …
[2/19/16, 11:06:45 AM] Scott MacLeod: Yes, Soul, I understand I think …
[2/19/16, 11:08:06 AM] soul: Isnt it allowed at Standford ?
[2/19/16, 11:08:13 AM] Scott MacLeod: But I’m a cultural anthropologist too who sees place as significantly informing cultural practices which I think religions are … and modernity changes so much in these regards …
[2/19/16, 11:10:28 AM] Scott MacLeod: Stanford and Berkeley after the 60s with free speech and being in California and with highest achieving students have defined permissiveness … or the students did so themselves … more hijab and chador aren’t worn much because they aren’t not the norm or part of the social milieu so much
[2/19/16, 11:11:21 AM] Scott MacLeod: (As I just wrote I think I saw a very few women wearing headscarves at UC Berkeley yesterday … )
[2/19/16, 11:12:08 AM] Scott MacLeod: Do your puppets wear hijab? :)
[2/19/16, 11:13:44 AM] Scott MacLeod: (Women who are students at these universities seem much to be into almost knee high leather boots this past decade or so:) … from the Middle East too I think :)) … hard to explain this
[2/19/16, 11:39:19 AM] soul: So it's nt popular there but its allowed since there is permissiveness .. am i right?
[2/19/16, 11:41:27 AM] soul: Cuz i know some women who traveled abroad ,for studying, they wear hijab as they do here.
[2/19/16, 11:43:40 AM] soul: U must be kidding me :D  i ll send it again to see
[2/19/16, 11:45:16 AM] Scott MacLeod: Definitely allowed … but I  bet it’s not necessarily easy because not many other women students from the ME wear it that I’ve seen … but one would probably places where Stanford and Berkeley ME women students hung out and all wear hijab for example ...
[2/19/16, 11:47:10 AM] Scott MacLeod: Since in some ways tie die clothes, bell bottom jeans, sandals and flowers in the hair preceded wearing almost knee high boots at Berkeley and Stanford in many ways probably, I’m curious to find photos of hippie ME women students wearing tie die and hijab at Stanford and Berkeley … :)
[2/19/16, 11:49:40 AM] Scott MacLeod: Sometime I’ll ask my friend Shahrzad from Tehran who is a graduate student at UC Berkeley in architecture, and who now lives with her mother in Oakland, CA, next to Berkeley, about her experiences in moving to the SF Bay Area, and showing her face, wearing chador and or head scarves and how she navigated this. Iran however is differently linguistically and culturally from Saudi of course …
[2/19/16, 11:53:35 AM] Scott MacLeod: In a way, hijab can already be tie die - :) (Your photo of puppets didn’t come through).
[2/19/16, 11:54:39 AM] Scott MacLeod: But the women in both Stanford Online High School videos are somewhat typical of Stanford women these days, actually … I liked the high school student saying she was sailing around the world while studying … very Stanford and very hippy and in the 2010s :)
[2/19/16, 11:54:53 AM] soul: Yup sometimes its difficult to change ones culture
[2/19/16, 11:57:29 AM] Scott MacLeod: And yet culture is always changing … and Stanford and Berkeley were both hotbeds for free speech student youth movement counterculture too, which has moved on/changed but is still in the air too at creative excellent Stanford especially  :)
[2/19/16, 11:58:16 AM] Scott MacLeod: (My actual virtual Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic book is about counterculture in some ways re modernity too :)
[2/19/16, 11:59:56 AM] Scott MacLeod: And that first Stanford online high school vision kind of expresses an ongoing excellent vision of what came out of the 1960s such as the internet and with education … now excellent high school from anywhere in the world :)
[2/19/16, 12:01:58 PM] Scott MacLeod: Hope you can get to bed and get a good night’s sleep Soul ! :)
[2/19/16, 12:02:54 PM] Scott MacLeod: OOOOooo the puppets came through and they are beautiful … you are a seamstress and a creator, Soul!
[2/19/16, 12:03:57 PM] Scott MacLeod: Thank you for sharing them … and they don’t appear to be wearing hijab from what I can tell … perhaps because they are boys … but I’m not sure :)



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