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Allium: Invitation to Sat., February 13, 2016 OPEN WUaS Monthly Business Meeting with Agenda

Sat., February 13, 2016 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
February 13, 2016
9 a.m., Pacific Time

Email - - if you'd like to participate.

In preparation for World University and School's open monthly business meeting on Saturday, February 13th at 9 am Pacific Time in a G+ group video Hangout from this related G+ Profile page - (from which you should be able to click "JOIN HANGOUT") - I think everyone should use a gmail address, - and have added each other to their circles. 

1. Welcome and Greetings


NEWS about World University and School: 

1 World University and School is a client in the UC Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum" course - - meeting first today with Professor Bill Kell and a great student legal team of 3 Practicum Associates at Berkeley Law to focus on the legal and business side of World University and School. 

2 WUaS is exploring collaborating with UC Berkeley and all of the University of California with WUaS/Berkeley together seeking another 100,000 student applicants on top of the first time ever Berkeley achievement of getting 100,000 applicants in a Cal /  WUaS partnership for free best STEM CC OCW WUaS degrees for overseas students in English where Cal would get some portion of the $44,000/year it costs to go to MIT /Stanford Haverford for tuition from WUaS via countries' governments, and also incubation for accreditation.

3 WUaS will seek in this course to develop the WUaS "front page" - - and "front end" now in two languages - and - and "back end" planned in Wikidata/Wikibase, by this spring so high school students and their parents can begin to decide whether to apply to accrediting WUaS this autumn, again for free best STEM CC OCW WUaS degrees first for overseas students in English.

4 WUaS needs your help. You can make 501 (c) (3), U.S., federal, tax-deductible contributions directly to World University and School, P.O. Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, California, 94516. Alternately, you can give by credit card or PayPal account here at  


Thank you for joining the World University and School team. WUaS invites you to participate in our open, hour-long, monthly, business meeting on Saturday, February 13th, beginning at 9 a.m., Pacific Time / 12 noon ET. 

I'd like to invite you to WUaS's monthly business meeting this Saturday, February 13th at 9am PT (2nd Saturdays of the month, hour-long and electronically mediated) if you'd like to learn further how WUaS makes decisions, plans and works, and participate in this process. I'll invite you from a different email address and G+ profile from which we'll hold the Google Hangout (from here -

This month we'll meet in Google + group video Hangout accessible from here - (for international access) - with an invitation to join this monthly conversation at 9am Pacific Time on the 2nd Saturday, 2/13. Please add this G+ profile back. 

WUaS also invites you also alternatively to call in to the Free Conference Call number to participate - (641) 715-3580, access code - 118-021-765 - at 9am Pacific Time on the 2nd Saturday, 2/13. 

The agenda for the upcoming Saturday, February 13th2015 WUaS, monthly, business meeting is here -

1.2 Minutes

2. Committees

2.1 Planning committee

see Master plan and Business plan below


2.2 Finance

Treasurer's report for January 2015

Dual-Board development, re for example: For example, would the "WUaS 501 c 3 Creative Commons' Core Board" - the current one (with much development and change ahead) - be focusing on finances re this Phillips Academy Andover Board "Equity & inclusion top of mind for trustees" article's issues, for example, while the possible "WUaS for-profit publicly traded Board to be" be focusing on Corporation development - all very very separately? How would this work? How would these Boards communicate and not communicate? 

Re FORKING WUaS into CC Core and a possibly more commercial side  ... A fruitful comparison or metaphor? MIT Prof @eboyden3 …
To …? 
Planned in ALL 7943+ languages "You want to have academia for that serendipitous ability to connect dots and collaborate, and you want companies when it’s time to push hard and just get the thing done and scale up and get it out the door. What I would hope to engineer in the coming maybe decade or so are hybrid institutions where we can have people go back and forth because you might need to have an idea that would go back and forth a bit until it matures." To Brain and Cognitive Science ... ... or Consciousness ... ... or Languages ... ...

WUaS has the Guidestar (affiliated with the IRS) Gold Label -

2.3 Information Technology


Collaboration with WMF/Wikidata by May?


2.4 WUaS Outreach


UC / UC Berkeley / WUaS collaboration this spring? 


2.5 Hiring planning


UC / UC Berkeley / WUaS collaboration this spring? 

2.6 Fundraising

UC / UC Berkeley / WUaS collaboration this spring?

2.7 Nominating committee

Seeking committee members, facilitators and recorders

2.8 Languages' and Countries’ committee

plan for students who's English is marginal - please attend these Language Google Hangouts

bilingual degrees? 

2.9 Accreditation committee


The university degrees WUaS plans to offer - bachelors, Ph.D., law and M.D. (in all countries' official and main languages, each an accrediting best STEM CC OCW major online university) and I've mentioned in passing the 5th planned degree - the International Baccalaureate high school diploma - I just want to add that WUaS will likely seek to accredit this also with WASC (high school) and the I.B. association, but also importantly as a Quaker high school (possibly partnering with SF Friends' School which is K-8 and pretty new) - and potentially in all countries' main and official languages and especially building upon CC MIT OCW high school resources.



WASC senior

Common Application / NACAC - how to get on their list of schools? Costs?

Become member of NACAC for Common Application

3. WUaS Master Plan

4. WUaS Business Plan

5.  WUaS Board

- is looking for a new Board member to focus WUaS fundraising

6. New WUaS pages and updates

a. Updates:

b. New pages:

c. Blog entries:

Cave: Sat., February 13, 2016 OPEN Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

Stalagmite: Legal Repository for Creative Commons <> non CC law e.g. patenting, copyright, etc. in ALL 204+ nation states' official languages, and also in all 7,943+ languages and also re WUaS's planned CC Core<>commercial/publicly traded wings?, Further define the relationship between these two spheres (CC is like ownership with an attribution for sharing) in all WUaS's STEM subjects AND in countries' main languages and AS innovations occur , And re WUaS's Law Schools in each country's main language ... And in WUaS's libraries in all 7,943 languages' wiki schools ?

Nelumbo nucifera: “Reconsolidation” looks like a shortcut to mastery via NON-repetitive practice re Stewart Brand, To Theories of Learning at WUaS planned in all 8k languages? How does language learning work for 7 billion people?, To WUaS's "Brain and Cognitive Science," "Languages" (all 7,938+), "Research" (a main area at WUaS planned for all 8k languages in a myriad of ways), "Computational Linguistics," "Memory" or "Thinking" ... Check out all of the MIT OCW, What do we know so far? What can be deduced from what we know about people's learning in the brain to transform approaches to learning, and teaching about learning?

Double flowered: A Tourism Studies' Working Group Learned Society in Berkeley - such as - in Boston?, To "Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation," "China World University and School" (planned in Mandarin and all other Chinese languages), Skills at WUaS, NYT's ... "Honing Skills in U.S., a Group of Teenagers Is Fueling China’s Hockey Shift," And skills / games at WUaS as a basis for "MindSports" at WUaS in the business plan - on WUaS's planned commercial side?

smooth/meadow/wild rose: In what ways can WUaS provide an all countries' main languages' STEM CC OCW university information technology solutions to companies or countries - on our planned commercial side, And how will this work especially if we can collaborate with Berkeley Law, UC Berkeley (Cal) and all of UC in terms of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY vis-a-vis WUaS's CC Core<>WUaS's commercial sides? CC MIT OCW, UC Berkeley and CC WUaS in a 3-way developing partnership via Berkeley Law?

Taraxacum: WUaS collaboration with UC Berkeley and all of the University of California via Berkeley Law to get 200,000 applicants this autumn 2016 when Cal (UC Berkeley) for the first time ever got 100,000 applicants this past autumn?, Only overseas applicants to such a Cal/WUaS 2016 application project however could matriculate online at WUaS in the autumn of 2017, first in English?, Use the ~ 200 countries in the Olympics, Like MIT, hire about 1,000 faculty in each WUaS Uni, Great article on MIT Dean starting a new online university ... "MIT Dean Takes Leave to Start New University Without Lectures or Classrooms," Creating startups is most interesting ...

Prickly wild rose: I meditate every morning and find it salutary ... I do so daily without ambivalence ... attempted to approach practicing Scottish small pipes last night this way ... and it worked ...

Rosa nutkana: What's different visually about Middletown upon initially driving into the library after the major fire last September 12 & 13, 2015 that burnt down Harbin and a major part of this town seems very little

Rosa rugosa: Publishing Harbin ~ my Harbin book around Valentine's Day in a new Academic Press at World University and School (WUaS Press) - including with a new Google Street View photo of the Harbin Gate near the front of the book with a link to this rabbit hole into an interactive virtual world, where one can "walk" down the road away from the Harbin but not yet into virtual Harbin itself

Rosa multiflora: G's understanding and reading of Jacques Lacan ... and using language, When feeling disconnected or alienated ... not necessarily as the on-off switch leading to great happiness neurophysiology but nevertheless language use can help facilitate "weather" changes in those directions

Rosa californica: Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum": Reception, Thank you!, Great to meet your excellent students, The 3 platforms CC WUaS is planning to develop in are - a) CC Wikidata/Wikibase/MediaWiki developing in all ~300 of Wikipedia's languages as wiki for open teaching and learning b) potentially Quickbooks with Multi-store, importantly in many of its language and engaging the tax systems its developed in in other countries, b1) possibly BitCoin with BlockChain in all ~200+ countries that WUaS plans to offer degrees in and pay faculty and staff, and in their main languages connecting with banks as well, and via WUaS's planned law schools, c) Google Classroom / Google Education, for which WUaS is verified, and planning to develop also with Google Translate, Street View/Maps/Earth (as kinds of classrooms) and with other Google I.T., [Wikidata] Wikiversity getting language links via Wikidata, Good introduction to Wikidata in Wikiversity

Vicia faba: Wikidata installation re World University and School, Is there a way to integrate Google's AI software "TensorFlow" with Wikidata?, See the upcoming free course on TensorFlow from Udacity

Peas in a pod: On studying enjoyment in relation to your service/work science system framework, and re educational systems, particularly with WUaS in mind, Some key aspects of "flow: the psychology of optimal experience" based on Csikszentmihalyi's research - This is research that is build-able upon and even operational-izable in terms of coding and in a new service /work system university platform I think

Indian chameleon: Canadian Studies' at UC Berkeley and WUaS

West Usambara two-horned chameleon: How best will WUaS be able to pair individuals of different Languages (in all 8k) who want to learn the other's ? … Begin a school in your language with this SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - as this list of languages populates to all ~ 8 thousand languages, Send WUaS an email, Now how best to turn WUaS's SUBJECT TEMPLATE and related, and into real templates probably with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in MediaWiki (which would have to develop to support HTML 5 I think), and then begin to develop in Wikidata / Wikibase? What would some initial (defining even) querying re SQL, and inter-lingually be?, Here are the retiring Languages and SUBJECT TEMPLATE wiki subject pages in Wikia, All languages as wiki schools - and for a universal translator - and questions of consciousness re the brain even - at WUaS is far-reaching, I'll add language learning pairing section to WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE ...

Panther chameleon: Meeting process - Friendly-informed "Recording Clerk" as WMF scribe for ArchCom and MediaWiki?, What a Clerk does re WUaS, Actual/virtual Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic book editing, What translation focus does the Wikimedia Foundation Architecture Committee have? CC WUaS would like to develop a universal translator which would focus on commercial translation (e.g. textbooks) first in terms of countries' main / official languages ... something like Content Translation / Google Translate and anticipating developments with AI machine translation, Particularly interested in exploring translation for WUaS's academic wiki pages from English into other languages re MediaWiki, Google Translate as machine translation, As an example of incorporating beginning machine translation into the creation of this online University at WUaS in all countries' main languages (seeking to become the Harvard of the internet), would/could please ArchCom be looking at related translation questions tomorrow?

Protea cynaroides: The wiki-Harvard of the Internet in all countries' main languages, and for university degrees - in African countries, Latin American countries, Asian countries, in the prosperous countries?, Universal Education - and significantly as wiki and with best STEM CC OCW?, In All Languages Too? WUaS is a "client" in a UC Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum" class beginning Sunday, CC WUaS like CC Wikipedia w best STEM CC OCW (accrediting on CC MIT OCW in 7 langs and CC Yale OYC) has a CC School, And Friendly Quaker-informed too, for the values of caring, in part ... Feel free to start teaching and editing and learning ...

Clover: WUaS in Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum," WUaS business overview, WUaS is exploring planning to develop with MIT's BitCoin and BlockChain

Clover: WUaS in Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum," WUaS business overview, WUaS is exploring planning to develop with MIT's BitCoin and BlockChain

Abutilon menziesii: On with "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book editing ... ... looking for the music in book editing ... and I'm planning to publish around Valentine's Day, Editing Wikipedia is one of the potentially most interesting things to do, Scottish Small Piping for a Scottish Evening in Marin last night was fun ... ... Free, upcoming online Robbie Burns' course begins 1/25 ... I'm enjoying this Song of Seikilos and it reminds me in little ways of our time in Greece, To Ethnomusicology, Erotism, Sexuality or Ancient Greece at WUaS?

Thale cress: From the Whole Earth Catalog to the 1966 Trips' Festival ~ Good 2008 documentary by Eric Christensen

Myristica fragrans: Can music be taught as transformation?

Canna: Liking GD drummer's Mickey Hart's Twiter description: "I play the drums. Transformation is the object. Member of the mind bending, spiritual adventure known as the Grateful Dead," Great too to see at least 3 other Grateful Dead band members on Twitter: Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann (Check out a picture of many of them here) and Phil Lesh, Check out too the Grateful Dead wiki subject page at World University and School, which will grow with time and wiki-ness, How can WUaS even teach and learn the "transformation" Mickey Hart writes about in online jamming and even in the WUaS music school ...?, Such transformations can be most enjoyable ... :), See too this recent "Viola: 3 great recent articles about Harbin ... " blog post re some articles about what the Grateful Dead were doing in the Harbin Hot Springs' kitchen ... (and about my upcoming Harbin ethnographic book), Start here at 47:15 for Mickey Hart on drums into a kind of transformation

Rose: What single MIT OCW course might be suitable for training T-shaped professionals (with depth and breadth of knowledge) toward a certificate and in terms of industry-university collaborations?, WUaS will explore offering these courses individually for certificates and as part of WUaS Bachelor in a business major), and Ph.D. degrees while planning to accredit on MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC) and eventually in all countries' main languages for online university degrees.

Gladiolus: The basis for a WUaS universal translator? Not Natural Language Processing (i.e. Watson), rather an IBM Controlled Language Processing (CLP), "Conversational sensemaking Preece and Braines," To WUaS_Universal_Translator, But how would the translation itself in this model work, And in particular could this integrate with Google Translate for example?, And could we explore developing this as a test case at WUaS MediaWiki from English to German in Wikidata/Wikibase, among all 7,938+ pairs of languages?, Furthermore, In what ways can upcoming virtual Harbin (in ScienceSim, or in OpenSim?) be designed to help develop translation of both IMAGES and, for example, OPERA, INTERACTIVELY, opera-wise and image-wise, for WUaS's universal translator ...?, And in what ways could this WUaS Universal Translator be used as test cases to translate books, such as my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" and other academic ones?

Eucalyptus: Happy MLK Jr Day, It's specifically translating both CC STEM best OCW (e.g. CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC) courses into all countries' main languages (as well as into all 7,938) and for free CC university degrees, as well as translating WUaS MediaWiki pages - for which WUaS would like to develop our WUaS Universal Translator, See, too: "Rufous babbler: If one were to design Universal Translator plans," WUaS used Google Translate for the following English WUaS in MediaWiki to WUaS in MediaWiki, And See Also: "Naja naja - Indian Cobra: WUaS is "coiled" in a sense with the new ... >" In developing a universal translator, WUaS will focus particularly on languages in Africa, and facilitating best STEM CC OCW degrees in these and in African languages and countries, WUaS seeks to become the Harvard of the internet in all African countries, Happy MLK Jr Day!

Jasminum sambac: Are you editing WUaS from - - into Wikidata today, Peeps? Planned in all countries and 7,938+ Languages, You'll need to register in WUaS MediaWiki to edit the English language or German language wiki WUaS universities - or to start a University in your own or another language, since I don't think it's possibly to edit anonymously anymore, in order to prevent vandalism

Viola: 3 great recent articles about Harbin after the fire, "Harbin's Robert Hartley aka Ishvara," "The Fire at Harbin Hot Springs," "Everything Gone but the Water," Interesting observations about the Grateful Dead at Harbin in these articles, Interview too with the publisher, Rob Sidon, of Common Ground Magazine from 2011, Re a new Academic Press at WUaS and publishing my actual / virtual Harbin ethnography, here's a poetry book published through CreateSpace affiliated with Amazon. And the 2nd Twitter post has CreateSpace's choices for ISBN book numbers. To add the new Academic Press at WUaS, I'll probably use the Universal ISBN option. Furthermore, to anticipate publishing my and others' poetry, WUaS may create other parts of the WUaS Press, Distinguishing between becoming a Publisher and Imprints, Kindle conversion

Rivers of the world: Best job in the world ... children's librarian & being the head of World University and School, but I haven't thought of this in this way yet, And field work at Harbin possibly over a life time (are we going to live to 220?), That "work" word from a Scottish perspective carries interesting connotations, Made a lot of progress yesterday and am on target for a Valentine's Day publication date, In this vein, on with exploring re-learning practicing two musical instruments, "Live to be 220? Good Lord, I hope NOT," With good quality of life (and good nutrition) ... absatutely ... and with finding/discovering the on-off switch or cello bow stroke of eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology as neurobiology

Freshwater mussels: MediaWiki doesn't yet support HTML 5, the standard for building web pages these days, but I think they will. And WUaS MediaWiki in seeking to develop in all 7,938+ languages will need web authoring tools that support these, Adobe Dreamweaver is excellent software for this, I think, but probably doesn't support all languages

Naja naja - Indian Cobra: WUaS is "coiled" in a sense with the new ... > ... to go into all 7,938 languages in Wikidata / Wikibase with machine translation, Music as work ~ how flourishingly, fulsomely, and skillfully, and with great fun in the music-making itself (in Google Hangouts), as well?, To explore the musics of Italy WUaS, Japan WUaS, Scotland WUaS, Germany WUaS, Yet, Google Translate doesn't translate or support Scottish Gaelic, and MIT OCW Translated Courses aren't yet in Italian or Japanese, WUaS is seeking to explore putting the ~2300 CC MIT OCW courses in English, and Yale OYC into the infoboxes in Wikipedia/Wikidata for eventual machine learning, translation and AI developments, Now how will the Music Schools for ALL instruments in ALL languages coil for flourishing music generation? And Watsu (water shiatsu) :)?

Short-beaked echidna: With all WUaS's developments with structured, machine learning and AI ahead, wiki World University and School holds and grows the space for peoples in knowledge generation as well as very enjoyable learning conversations, Keeping the human teachers in the picture too, with all the abundant educational visions ... Many to many education and with teachers and best STEM CC OCW (e.g. CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC)

Koala: A major University in each countries' main language with AI? What's the WUaS vision for AI and machine learning as we develop in all 7,938 languages+?, An universal translator in all 7,938+ languages, and especially for STEM research, Scientific and especially philosophical questions of consciousness, where all phonemes in sound files, and corresponding written text, as well as in individual letters+ - with a developing list of ALL symbols (in unicode?) - as open linked data databases, What are some helpful visions for understanding some of the implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence?, And then the linking of this data where machine learning can extend infinitely for asking questions in so many ways is one, In what ways can WUaS add the seeds of machine learning and AI to these schools above, and for example in terms of an all-languages, all-instruments Music School?, Machine translation of my Harbin ethnographic book - - and indeed any publication - with implications in terms of the power of symbols and ideas, is another fascinating potential of WUaS AI

Caryota: Harbin is a big river flowing out of the 1960s ... And my upcoming actual virtual Harbin ethnography explores how this works in many ways ~ ~ including how it's streaming into the online virtual and virtual worlds, My upcoming book due out around Valentine's Day also focuses on ways in which such a virtual Harbin and virtual earth will be used for STEM research, and for what I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy ...

Malabar gliding frog: MINUTES and Agenda for WUaS Monthly Business Meeting January 9, 2016

7. SF f/Friends/Quaker WUaS developments

a. Finances forthcoming, Scott hopes to present at the Friends Association for Higher Education at Woodbrooke Quaker Center in England in the third weekend in June. 

a Friendly/Quaker-informed high school (possibly partnering with SF Friends' School which is K-8 and pretty new) - and potentially in all countries' main and official languages and especially building upon CC MIT OCW high school resources?

Ongoing conversation with SF Bay Area Friends about WUaS.

8. Closure

9. Next WUaS Monthly Business Meeting - Saturday, March 12th, 2016, 9 am Pacific Time

Scott MacLeod

President and Presiding Clerk
- 415 480 4577
- PO Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, CA 94516

- World University and School - like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric CC OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization, both effective April 2010.



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