Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lantana: UC Berkeley talk "The New Flagship University" on 2/23 with Prof. John Douglass and introducing World University and School, Fascinating talk here with California educators including about history and the master plan - "History Roundtable: Higher Education in California: Past, Present, and Future"

Fascinating talk here with California educators including about history and the master plan -

History Roundtable: Higher Education in California: Past, Present, and Future
(including John Douglass)


Looking forward to your talk on Tuesday at UC Berkeley - - in the same hall where I heard Rebecca MacKinnon and panel talk this past week at a CSHE event too. (I'll be coming from a Stanford Law event - with General Counsel CDK - which ends at 2:15, so hope to arrive by 4:10, if traffic isn't an issue).

I want to introduce you to World University and School (WUaS), which is like CC Wikipedia with best STEM CC OpenCourseWare and is planning to offer online CC degrees - bachelor, Ph.D., law, and M.D., as well as I.B. high school (accrediting with BPPE/WASC senior on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC to begin) in all ~200 countries' main languages. CC Wikipedia is in ~300 languages and they've created a new inter-lingual database over the past 3 years developing with artificial intelligence and machine learning which CC WUaS plans to build in as well; WUaS plans too to facilitate wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 7,943+ languages eventually, plus much more.

WUaS is currently a "client" in UC Berkeley Law course "New Business Practicum" with Professor Bill Kell, where we're seeking to develop legal and financial approaches to this developing business plan - - and collaborate with UC Berkeley and all of the University of California especially with regard to infrastructure.   

In addition, WUaS is seeking to be incubated by the University of California for accreditation under a new developing incubation policy at WASC senior, where we're in some communication about this with UC Hastings' Law Professor emeritus BW. Late last year WUaS heard back from Stanford University's President John Hennessy that they wouldn't incubate us under this new WASC policy; startup WUaS was very glad to have heard back from President Hennessy. 

Not only does WUaS seek to become the Harvard of the Internet and to create major online universities in all countries' main languages, but we also seek to become a major academic employer in all nearly ~ 8,000 languages perhaps eventually becoming twice the size of IBM (which employs about 426,000 people), so creating 852,000-1 million academic jobs (but not as big as Walmart's 2.2 million worldwide employees).

Looking forward to hearing your talk, meeting you and talking further, John! You have published so many interesting papers relating to "The New Flagship University."


- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
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