Tuesday, March 17, 2015

African penguins: India clothes as SPACESUITS ... to enter into the "cultural virtual," Similarly Scottish Country Dancing clothes, Harbin clothing-optionalness in the warm pool, Happy St. Patrick's Day, "India World University and School," "Scottish Country Dancing," "WATSU" wiki subject schools at WUaS, Culture as being in thee "zones"

India clothes (saris and cloths over shoulders, for women, and dhotis for men, plus so much more colorful, creative and imaginative garb in India) as SPACESUITS ... to enter into the cultural virtual ...

Scottish Country Dancing clothes (kilts, hose and doublets for men, and plaids over shoulders and long dresses for women, and gillies) as spacesuits ...  to enter into the Scottish cultural virtual

Harbin clothing-optionalness in the warm pool ...  and warm water ... as a spacesuit ... that fits perfectly in every way, and communally ... to enter into the hippie cultural virtual zone meditatively ...

{Harbin has "spaceship," "space suit," head band and space travelling ideas and language in its history - see this blog about 1972 and a metal sculpture of a space ship on the hill besides the warm pool ~ ... Witch hazel: met someone today who had been at Harbin Hot Springs in late 60s & early 70s, Silver Space Ship near Harbin Warm Pool, Friendly Gathering


Was playing my Scottish Small Pipes' at a gig the other day for St. Patrick's Day, and saw some friendly folks from India walk in next door to where I was playing... where the woman was wearing Indian garb ... and this took me there to the "India virtual" ... (and I was wearing my kilt as well as smallpiping).


As an anthropologist, it's these cultural "zones," that clothes are kinds of spacesuits of - visually and being-wise - that I find so interesting ... and peoples, through time, get so fully immersed in these zones.


Hoping to go to these cultural zones virtually and online and at WUaS in ...

India World University and School -
(and - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/India#World_University_and_School_Links)

Scottish Country Dancing wiki subject school -

Watsu - water shiatsu wiki subject school -

... even as new related "zones" on the web emerge unfoldingly ...


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