Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Compound eye: universitian database and WUaS MediaWiki - planning for all 7,870 + languages - Hacknight SF - March 11, 2015, Languages, WUaS Development Resources

Hi Logan, Jason, Yasuhiro (Android and Japanese) and Linda (AFSC, Zapotec languages and WUaS Languages' General Manager?) and friends, 

Thanks again, Logan and Jason, for helping with the key next steps of installing WUaS in MediaWiki and beginning to develop the universitian database last Wednesday, March 4, here -  

This Wednesday, 3/11, it would be great if we could begin to develop the WUaS  
You at WUaS - Admissions - Secure Academic Registrar - WUaS courses for degrees - wiki pages at WUAS ... 

in two languages (English and Japanese) and in Android (with Yasuhiro's help!) 

anticipating all 7.780+ languages (think Wikipedia / Wikidata)

- with MediaWiki GlobalUserPage ?

-with think Google + Profile with translation function, for example - 

Google for Education as well? 

and anticipating - 

- all 7,870+ languages 

- with an universal translator and with machine learning / machine translation / AI 

- bookstore computer store - 
WUaS Bookstore ... with Intuit products like Multi-store? 
- Quaker Earthlight Bookstore 

- using probably a Guidebook and a Test approach to building the componentry of an universal translator, e.g. California Driver Book and test or the New Testament and Tests in terms of machine learning, machine translation and natural language processing

- and defining Creative Commons' licensing vis-a-vis non-Creative Commons' licensing in terms of the WUaS universal translator ... e.g. in terms of an Universal Translator What's open free and CC ... and what can be used commercially, and by whom? 

- Hiring e.g. Reed College Reedie interns or Cal Berkeley? - 

which employment jobs' software might we use, e.g. IBM's, Kaiser Permanente's, Google's jobs' site itself? 

Develop some WUaS wiki pages including templates, and inter-lingually

Some blogposts with resources for all of this: 

Rivers: Moving WUaS from Wikia to MediaWiki, like Wikipedia ... Main WUaS wiki pages, planned for all 7,870 + languages, 242 + countries and regions - SUBJECT TEMPLATE, WUaS Courses, Subjects, Languages, Library Resources, Nation States, You at World University, Educational Software, Museums, Research, Hardware Resource Possibilities, FAQs, World University Foundation, WUaS Universal Translator will become a way to generate languages, WUaS technical lead directions and the semantic web, artificial intelligence and IBM Watson and BlueMix?, Code Across Hackathon February 22, 2015

Red Macaw: Zapotec, The Bible/New Testament as a basis for the WUaS Universal Translator, WUaS Business Plan

native flax seed plants: Very Cool - A Guidebook and a Test, for A.I. and machine learning at WUaS, Translatable, in an Universal Translator, Textbooks/Guidebooks as Courses, Think the California Drivers' Manual and Related Test, or The New Testament and Quizzes - with a focus on Love - in 1,300+ of the largest languages in the world out of 7,870, 10K and 2K Reward ISSIP WUaS Grand Challenges, Clinical Trials in All Languages, Scottish Gaelic is unintelligible in Google Translate and probably has fewer than 100,000 speakers for an Universal Translator of the largest languages, How the New Testament teaches love, Tests for the New Testament, as beginning examples for coding for machine learning and AI for an Universal Translator, A wee breakthrough, How to code AI, Guidebooks and Tests for flourishing learning enjoyment?

Shade coffee tree: LANGUAGES in Wikitech, Wikipedia, and Wikidata, AuthManager, ContentHandler, Localisation, [Wikidata-l] weekly summary #148 - Landing Pages for Wikidata Partners, Ways into developing in different languages in Wikipedia/Wikidata, very relevant to CC WUaS's plans to develop wiki schools in all 7,870 languages

(It would also be great to anticipate CC Wikipedia / Wikidata's far-reaching inter-lingual resources, with more about developing languages in them to come )

I hope to be able to talk us through all of this as well on Wednesday :)



Great to meet you, and thanks for your skillful coding, organization and energy yesterday at Code Across and as a key data person for the city of SF. 

Hoping to come to the Hackathon this Wednesday at 6:30 and explore beginning World University and School in MediaWiki / Wikidata (anticipating A.I. machine learning and an universal translator, as well). 

Here are some key wiki email lists for this - 

California tiger salamander: WUaS in MediaWiki / qLabel / Wikidata / Wikibase / SemanticWiki accessing Wikicommons in the process ... potentially in 3 or 4 languages to begin, British Friend Programmers, Guidestar Gold level, Erinn Andrews, Former Stanford Admissions Officer who is GuideStar’s "Senior Director of Nonprofit Strategy," Inspiring Stanford University's Guidestar profile

(and reated resources - 

Calendula species: WUaS technical lead questions and the semantic web, artificial intelligence and IBM Watson, WUaS Information Technologies and Data Plan

and - 

It would be great to begin the multi-lingual aspect of this, for example, in Korean (with Byeong Seo Seon), German (Max) and Mandarin Chinese (Bonnie), whom I met yesterday, and others, on Wednesday, as well, if possibly. 

All-languages WUaS itself will become a far-reaching digital synchronous city per your - :)

Best regards and thank you!

Do you know Ffriends who have worked with MediaWiki / qLabel / Wikidata / Wikibase / WikiCommons / SemanticWiki accessing Wikicommons or who might be involved in the Wikidata / Wikitech / Semantic Wiki email list communities? 

Three germane ones are: 



Semantic Wiki:


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