Friday, March 27, 2015

Apollo Butterfly: Decades-old sociological thesis in America that immigrants significantly enhance the economy, Switzerland WUaS and its 4 official languages WUASs, WUaS's pitch at CfA, WUAS in MediaWiki developments, A history of WUaS in wikis

Hi Eric (and Linda and Pablo), 

Nice to talk with you at AFSC yesterday again, Eric. 

Are you familiar with the decades-old sociological thesis in America that immigrants significantly enhance the economy? There's probably abundant quantitative sociological evidence for this as well. 

How could that / has that been explored in Switzerland / the EU / various European countries and with folks from Africa especially, but also all immigrants? What does the evidence say on the positive side? What are best examples? 

Are you familiar too with the Pew Center for Internet and Society - e.g. - although they have many Twitter feeds (e.g. They bring a quantitative data driven approach to many related questions mostly in the States though I think, and publish rigorous papers abundantly. 

Here too is Switzerland WUaS ... ... where it could be very interesting to explore related questions over the years ahead and in French, German, Italian and Romansch, (and even create good academic and other jobs in the languages of immigrants, and in folks' countries, too). 

And here too are the 4 official Swiss languages and per WUaS (but not yet in these languages as online universities:):

Looking forward to talking about this further. 

Friendly cheers, 


Hi Jean and Jason, 

Thanks so much for your facilitation and your email conversation re WUaS's pitch at CfA last night, Jean.

"Code for America Hack Night SF WUaS Presentation at 155 9th, SF, W, March 25, 2015"
(accessible here for awhile -

And Jason, thanks too very much for fixing the spelling error last night in WUAS MediaWiki ... 

I'm excited about how WUaS's central SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - and other related WUaS Templates, will take shape probably in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), in MediaWiki, and then how this SUBJECT TEMPLATE's headings will move "horizontally" translated into all 288 Wikipedia languages, in Wikidata to shape open schools in all of these languages ... next week? :) 

By the way, 
here's a history of WUaS in wikis: 

And here the Wikis ahead for WUaS probably ... and which will dovetail with WUaS MediaWiki / Wikidata / Wikicommons / and AI / machine learning and a planned Universal Translator

Thank you, and please edit a WUaS wiki page to help grow a vibrant editing / teaching community  ! :)

Friendly cheers, 



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