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Ocelot: "You at WUaS" database for 11 billion people in 100 years (per Hans Rosling) and 9,000+ languages as schools to begin, WUaS Logo, Universal education based on highest quality OpenCourseWare as well as for open teaching and learning in wiki schools in all 9,000 + languages (extinct ones too), Developing "You at WUaS" with registrar and multilingual courses' databases are highest priorities, WUaS and Volunteers, Burma WUaS and the main Nation States' page

Hi Jean and Carolina, 

Very nice to talk with you yesterday evening at Civic Hack Night at 155 9th SF, and thank you, Jean, for this possibility of volunteers. 

As an overview: 

In addition to planning for a "You at WUaS" - - database for 11 billion people in 100 years (per Hans Rosling) and 9,000 languages as schools - - each a wiki subject page to begin, WUaS would be interested in fixing the spelling error here - - when someone creates an account (e.g. the "uniersityandschool" database is missing a "v"), and developing and adding a logo based on the image I'm attaching ...

... and which will also reduce to a light-ish blue rectangle on its side (a little like National Geographic's yellow upright rectangle), among many other things, including developing our courses for student applicants wiki page applying this autumn 2015, as if applying to MIT / Stanford etc. Developing "You at WUaS" with registrar and multilingual courses' databases are highest priorities. 

Looking forward to making another pitch at Hacknight SF next week for universal education based on highest quality OpenCourseWare, as well as for open teaching and learning in wiki schools in all 9,000 + languages (extinct ones too) and in each of these languages! WUaS would like to become the Harvard / MIT / Stanford / Oxbridge of the internet and in all 7,870 living languages and 242+ countries, offering free since CC online accrediting degrees in large languages. 

Thank you again!


Hi Jean, 

Thanks for your email, and guidance, and I'll prepare some slides for next Wednesday, per:

1) why is this important? 
2) why should I care? 
3) how does this work help users? 

Concerning Hack Night SF/CfA Volunteers: 
WUaS would love! to have some volunteers (e.g. - think Wikipedia volunteers, too) help with WUaS User Experience (UX) development for - - especially as we port (if possible) WUaS over from - - and see too, for example, the main Subjects' page - - as an example of what we'd like to port. But porting over to WUaS MediaWiki may be best done in VisualEditor only available to Wikipedia's MediaWiki projects, and WUaS would like to integrate with Wikicommons / Semantic Wiki / other Wikipedia assets as we develop in interlingual Wikidata. (VisualEditor for MediaWiki from the Wikitech folks in Wikipedia just got 30-40% faster yesterday, but again is only currently available for Wikipedia-related things, and soon will be available for the broader MediaWiki community. It's also designed for many languages - see, for example - 

So in terms of developing UX at WUaS, would you like to help co-author and co-develop the current Volunteers Wikia page - - with what's there, what's fun and what you think would work best? You could even invite people to help us co-author this page as our goals become clearer through conversation. I think the very fun aspects of developing WUaS include teaching to / editing / thinking through UX in any of the Subjects' page - - which Wikia pages would also be a great place for volunteers to practice developing UX and in anticipation of moving all these Wikia WUaS pages over to MediaWiki WUaS.  

WUaS's main goal is to prepare the UX for matriculating undergraduate students applying this autumn 2015, matriculating 2016 and graduating in 2020, so, knowing all of the above, it would be really great if you and I could focus this Volunteers' page - - for those Hack Night Volunteers who really want to help, - and since you know the CfA Volunteer community, please try editing this page yourself if inclined - - as a kind of organizing-for-this beginning to learn what you might suggest to other Volunteers next Wednesday, for example. 

I welcome your thoughts and ideas about all of this, either in email or by editing the WUaS Volunteers' wiki page.

Thank you and cheers. 



Hi Jean, 

Thanks for connecting in LinkedIn just now. Great to see you'd like to start schools in Burma.

Re Burma WUaS and the main Nation States subject at WUaS:

After looking at your LinkedIn profile, I thought you might like to see the Burma World University and School - ... (accessible here at the main Nation States wiki page - - at WUaS) - and not yet in Burmese, - and WUaS hasn't also yet found any OCW in Burmese. You could become its head, if interested, and help develop its UX into thousands+ of pages, and facilitate teachers there teaching Google + Hangouts as well, for example. I share this with you to give you some further insight into how WUaS works, and where WUaS is heading. If possible, WUaS would like to offer accrediting best STEM-centric online degrees in ALL countries and in their main languages, with these degrees - - while remaining wiki schools for open teaching and learning in each language and nation state. You could thus also potentially inform/guide eventually the building out of all countries world universities and schools in Wikidata, and inter-lingually - just a little project :)

I've also added some of my recent emails to you in my blog as a resource - - and all of which in turn has many WUaS resources in this blog label - . 

Time to network further with the Wikidata / Wikipedia community ... :)




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