Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ocean beach, SF: Create and co-teach our own Music Improvisation class for WUaS for credit, in autumn 2016 even, with Grateful Dead and Blues' and bagpiping emphases in part :) ... and coming into conversation with this Music Improvisation course at MIT OCW, Piping solo by Kevin Carr and jam with Wake the Dead for Bird Song/Bluebird, Alasdair Fraser, [sf_scottish_fiddlers] David & Andrea Thompson benefit this Monday in Berkeley, Bliss generation possibilities vis-a-vis these Berkeley musicians

It would be fun to create and co-teach our own Music Improvisation class, P, for World University and School for credit, in autumn 2016 even ... with a Dead and Blues' and bagpiping emphasis in part :) ...

and coming into conversation with this course at MIT OCW ...

I'm enjoying instructor Tom Hall here ...

... which I just added to

Invite "Wake the Dead" and Alasdair Fraser et al to make appearances?

St. Clement's Hall in south Berkeley as a sometimes physical space for filming this online course in Google + Hangouts plus with 18-22 year olds? :)

Could we even build on playing in the Open Band for Scottish Country Dancing to create online opportunities for people to improvise with us from afar, and pick SCD sheet music for this, and write out aspects of improvisation for people who are remote? :)


Piping solo by Kevin Carr with Wake the Dead for Bird Song/Bluebird ...

Hi ...

... particularly nice piping solo by Kevin Carr and jam with Wake the Dead for Bird Song/Bluebird ...

Wake the Dead - Bird Song/Bluebird Part 1

on Uillean pipes I think ...


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Hi all,

I think everyone knows by now about the benefit concert on March 2, but Charlie's email below has details about various ways to donate to their family, and how to watch the concert if you can't attend in person.


Don't forget the upcoming benefit for David and Andrea Thompson this coming Monday, March 2 at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. This will be a once in a lifetime double bill. Whether or not you attend the concert, you can also donate through a special web page; details are below.

Barbara MacDonald Magone and Laura Risk will Alasdair Fraser on the stage. The evening will also feature Wake the Dead, the world's first Celtic all-star Grateful Dead jam band, combining Celtic tunes with classics from the Grateful Dead. And there are rumors that Alasdair may sit in with Wake the Dead for a few tunes!

Alasdair has also invited members of SFSF to join him from the audience on a few tunes.

As you know, David has very aggressive small-cell prostate cancer and it has spread to his pelvic bone. At the same time, Andrea has been diagnosed with MS. Needless to say, they can use our financial help.

There is also a web page where you can donate to David and Andrea Thompson, especially if you can't attend the benefit concert. You can visit the donation web page at either <> or <> You can donate directly through the web site, or to save credit card processing fees send a check payable to Andrea Brewer Thompson to:

Andrea Thompson c/o Riemer
1602 Addison St.
Berkeley CA 94703

If you can't attend the concert in person, you can watch it streamed live on the Internet via Concert Window. Details and a link to Concert Window can be found on the Freight's web site <>. 

Thanks, --Charlie Fenton 


Thanks, P, 

May attend this after all for the benefit  ... would like too to hear Alasdair and Wake the Dead and SF SF et al all together ... and to think through further and explicitly bliss generation possibilities vis-a-vis these Berkeley musicians ... and WUaS even ... ...

Added this benefit information here - - to get the word out further. 

May be busking on the street beforehand too ... :)




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