Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Diamond dove's natural habitat: AFSC, Bagpiping, Education, and People-to-people Teaching and Learning


Thanks for making the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) vigil/protest happen so nicely today in front of the Oakland Federal Building.

I'm glad to have participated, and thanks, too, for the invitation to bagpipe. Such multicultural, pro-people gatherings are quite salutary in their idea-sharing for the public good, and even as a kind of community service (patriotism, in a best sense?).

Bagpiping can add an unique voice to such demonstrations. (And please let folks know that I pipe for weddings, funerals and events for a living -

Since so many of the messages today were about education, and people-to-people communication, I would have loved to have spoken briefly about World University and School, but we ran out of time. I'm looking for ways, too, to get the word out, and build a community of great teachers/editors/contributors ('edit this page' - to make open teaching and learning very helpful to people, as well as to make it rock (flourish).

Let's explore how we might further articulate AFSC - with so much education-for-the-people focus today - and World University and School, which is free, highest quality, open and people-to-people oriented.


( - April 13, 2011)

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Unknown said...

It is my strong that through out our whole life if we ready to learn new thing and teach it to other people that is the thing can take us on the top.
dean graziosi