Saturday, April 23, 2011

Red wildflowers: For incoming free WUaS degree classes, Just a WUaS check box on both Harvard & MIT's application forms, Benefiting Harvard & MIT

For incoming free degree classes at WUaS,,

beginning in 2014 (with a class of 25-100 working toward a Bachelors' degree),

all online,

just a WUaS check box on both of the Harvard/MIT application forms would be great,

and WUaS's choice.

WUaS hopes students will significantly develop WUaS

An online open university such as WUaS will be able to build so much over the decades, information technologically :)

.. and WUaS will always remain an 'edit this page,' open, free wiki for teaching & learning resources

There were around 35,000 applicants to Harvard College for around 1700 spots last year

... and, of course, WUAS's free, open informational technological knowledge / skill / expertise (eventually leading to a huge group of WUaS coders), will richly benefit Harvard & MIT here

... a big Rainbow Gathering of great universities' open teaching and learning information technologies ...

( - April 23, 2011)

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