Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nepalese impatiens paucidentata: For the languages and countries, WUaS approach is to build gradually with, Wikipedia's 282 languages, Nepal

For the languages and countries,

WUaS's approach is to build gradually using the current,

and eventually move to,

and develop,

the most appropriate wiki technologies,

(that include usability on handheld phone computers - e.g. NYT's mobile articles - potentially 5 billion),

- perhaps MediaWiki.

The openness of wiki is important, because it allows all of us to explore ways to improve education by teaching & learning freely on the web.


Here is a list of 281 Wikipedias:

as bases.


WUaS has just found a volunteer to develop Nepali languages as well as the WUaS Nepal country pages!!!

There are two are Nepalese languages at Wikipedia

Newar / Nepal Bhasa:


Here are three, new, WUaS Nepal pages:



Newar / Nepal Bhasa:

... but not yet in Nepalese languages, which is also a WUaS goal.


Here are WUaS's Languages and Nation States' pages, where you'll find these.


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