Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yuntai Mountain: World Univ & Sch wants to produce great (MIT caliber) engineers for SOLAR innovations, Earthquake & Water Sciences post Fukushima

World Univ & Sch wants to produce more, more great (MIT caliber) engineers for SOLAR innovations, for example,

... degree granting ahead ...

Where's that 12 in x 12 in solar panel with related battery that will power a truck? Add your innovations to World Univ & Sch's Solar and Energy Technologies' page, accessible here:

WUAS is like MIT OCW with Wikipedia where you can TEACH, Learn and Add.

The Sunnev is a start, and it works ...

... infinity miles per gallon

.... and very little co2 output


added new Hydrology subject at WUaS,

in addition to an updated Geology subject,

as well as Oceanography and

Nuclear Science and Engineering:
Nuclear Science and Engineering: subjects,

all in SCIENCE - -

One BIG earthquake with Diablo Nuclear Plant can RUIN California FOREVER. Nuclear WASTE is a TIME BOMB forever, too.

Abolish Nuclear! - it's not worth the risk, post Fukushima, especially.

... will develop further WUAS's Geology wiki subject page -

especially vis a vis tectonic plate subduction, and link both ways with WUAS Nuclear Science.

WUAS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.

Nuclear WASTE is a TIME BOMB forever and the earth moves & changes over time ...


Please add references and resources ... World University and School has an 'Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan' wiki subject page, a 'Nuclear Science and Engineering' page, many Energy Technologies' wiki pages, all accessible here:

... I hope some of these will turn into academic departments over time...

with a lot of good science, innovation and planning for the future

... invitation to edit these pages at WUaS wiki.


will look to add this 'Pennsylvania seeks new water tests for radioactivity' article -

- to a new WUAS Hydrology subect in

... with MIT OCW courses where you, too, can teach, add and learn ...

( - April 10, 2011)

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