Saturday, April 2, 2011

Red Crown Cranes: To Nontheist Friends, World University and School focusing on Accreditation next, Quaker Process as Organization Online?

Dear nontheist Friends,

As you all probably have seen from past emails to the nontheist Friends' email list, World University and School ( - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware, online and in virtual worlds with people-to-people teaching and learning - is focusing next on accreditation, after incorporating in April 2010.

World University and School aims to offer free BA, Law, M.D. and Ph.D. degrees, with some matriculating classes beginning in 2014. What makes it a Quaker school, in this startup phase, is a plan to engage Friendly decision-making process (consensus, meeting for business, email committees, Friends themselves, etc. - and potentially informed by nontheistic Friendly innovations to Quaker process). And as an open, wiki (editable web pages), it seeks to be a meta-directory for much, great, open teaching and learning resources, where you and I can teach at WUaS, as well, for example. Its academic standard, for matriculating students, will be MIT OCW's 2,045 free, online courses, with interactivity in virtual worlds.

As a free institution (and significantly Friendly in process), it aspires to equality, as well.

There's an opportunity here for Friends to participate, teach, learn or create at WUaS, by teaching to each other and the web. As you've probably seen, there are two, open Quaker-Friendly wiki, subject pages:

Nontheist Friends - Atheist Quakers? -

and Quakers - at WUaS,

as well as a 'Peace and Social Justice' subject -

- familiar to many Friends.

The academic subjects along with all other open subjects are here:

As a broad plan for an open, wiki, online, interactive, accredited university, informed by Quaker process, there are already so many resources here, as well as a lot of potential for Friendly innovation.

What would you like to teach or learn?

With friendly greetings,

( - April 2, 2011)

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