Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yosemite Valley river: I looked into the valley and saw bliss

I looked into the valley and saw bliss

I looked into the valley
and saw bliss,
in Napa,
upon leaving Harbin, for a spell.

It's the light on the dormant vineyards,
the wild hills just behind,
the Dead on the sound system,
the Omega 3s from flax,
and the driving ...
O, Napa and Harbin.

Things are mellow,
there's jamming in the air,
and I was wondering,
just a little bit ago,
while in the pool, warm,
whether the Harbin pool area itself
is a human, visual, Bonobos
forest-in-the-pool thing, -
erotically, yes.
Are we all left-bank, sapien primates,
rocking out, Bonobo-wise,
on Harbins's clothing-optional-ness, -
such space-releasing wonders, -
the women, especially?
Have we learned,
just a little,
to return
to the freedom
of natural attraction,
while softening in the warm, clean,
waters at Harbin?

The sky is mottled,
with grays, whites and blues,
making vivid yellow grasses
underneath stumps of
lovely grape-potentiality,
in this California winter.

The sun is setting,
on the other side,
of where I be, and
'Dark Star' is playing.
Turn it on,
and jam with
all the way home
from the pools,
to Canyon,
where bed awakes, -
but without her,
so far.

On we so go, -
why this constellation of beauty
in north Napa Valley,
upon leaving Harbin?
Think I'll sing this love,
anew, inventively ...

And the Dead play
on and on ...
what space ~~~~~~~~~~~ for such long times ...
my o my, ...
feels like long orgasm,
but in tones
yet laid back,
and flowing.
They're happening,
and I just sit and wonder
at these ear flowers,
and smile, and write, -
all with, ... while

'Mirror shatters
in formless reflections of matter,
glass dissolving ...

and I, merging and crescendoing,
all the way home,
bubble love ~

On & on home ...

( - April 7, 2011)

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