Monday, April 4, 2011

Siberian Tiger: TED Talk with Sal Khan & Bill Gates, World Univ & Sch is moving toward University Accreditation, Khan Acad. Offers Education Badges

Innovative TED Talk with Sal Khan and Bill Gates - -

all of which WUaS will continue to integrate into various subjects, here -

World University and School is moving toward university accreditation, using MIT OCW as its academic standard, while Khan Academy is significantly for high school students, and offering badges.


Online education is growing - with questions abt quality per this NYT's article:

... will add to WUaS 'Education' ( - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW -

I'm curious about how to make education flourishingly fun, as well

... Immune Attack video game to learn about the immune system, available in the WUaS Free Software section - ?

( - April 4, 2011)

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