Monday, April 25, 2011

Northern bald ibis: In what ways, and how, can World Univ & Sch Engage & Generate a Culture of Engineering? MIT, Stanford, Google, Innovation, Careers

In what ways,

and how,

can World University & School engage & generate a culture of engineering & MIT students,

in a way similar to Google's hiring many engineers & Stanford students,

- to launch careers, as well?

Google (with around 24,000 people) is innovative,

as is World University & School (WUaS) - -

which is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, where you can teach, add & learn.


These Engineering areas at WUaS will grow with time:


World University Engineering School:


Will great WIKI technologies

(starting with NYT's mobile articles as a basis, - so, simple, but wiki)

for potentially 5 billion handheld computers

(one estimate of the number of cell phones in the world)

emerge out of a course at MIT, for example, - -

which WUaS would then develop further?

... Multiple languages (ALL) & an universal translator add complexity and fascinations. :)


A New Paradigm ... ...

educational resources that we create, for ourselves

... like Wikipedia with MIT OCW

... There's so much here already to share.


( - April 25, 2011)

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