Monday, April 4, 2011

Western Tarsier: World University & School offers a LOT of creative opportunity for Nontheistic Quakers and Everyone

Nontheist Friends and All,

Thanks for your comments and suggestion, W: .

And D, thanks for adding Friends' Conference on Religion and Psychology's web site to WUaS's Quaker subject here -

Informed by nontheistic Friendly thinking, World University & School offers a LOT of creative opportunity (anyone can add a new subject, and teach or learn to it:, and there are many academic ones - which are nontheistically f/Friendly, in many senses, as I see it), in addition to the accredited college- and university-level credit and degree granting ahead, with MIT OCW, as its academic standard. While this won't necessarily change a specific school, Quaker high schools' or college education, or a city's, or countries' approach to education, I think it will make choices available, such as the free, online MIT OCW for high school (, as well as Sal Khan's free online teaching ( - both available here:, and it will provide highest quality teaching and learning resources, that a school could adopt. And as a wiki (editable web pages), we can all proactively add to World University and School, with ways we think teaching and learning might be improved.

WUaS is a way to instantiate many of the good ideas people are suggesting in this nontheistic Friendly email conversation, and, eventually, for credit at the college level, and perhaps at the high school level, as well, and in ways we nontheist Friends might choose to teach in, - and all potentially online in virtual worlds and online, as a kind of nontheistic friendly alternative, which we create.

With friendly greetings,

( - April 4, 2011)

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